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The Ohio Cruits

(info last updated 3/12/12)

William and Hannah Moon Cruit are the main originators of the Ohio Cruits. The family stories are that Hannah came to America with her parents at age six to Waterford, VA. William, the story goes, crossed the Atlantic 13 times as a fisherman or sailor, lived in southern W. Va. or Virginia, was appointed to whip slaves, so he hitched a single horse to a little wagon and came north to Fairfield County, Ohio. William may have lived for a while in Waterford, VA, Loudon county. Their first son, George, was born in Washington, D.C. See WILLIAM and HANNAH'S obituaries.  William named 5 of his 7 sons after 5 of his brothers, which gives excellent proof as to exactly which family he was from back in Totnes and Paignton England.
Someone posted online that they believed that Henry Moon and his wife Ellin Hatton had moved from Lancashire England to Waterford VA shortly after 1803.  They were Hannah's parents.  No documentation given.
William Cruit (b Devonshire, England near Dartmuth Mar 1797, d Aug 28, 1864) m Hanna Moon (b near Wigan, Devonshire or Lancashire, England, Aug 6, 1803 d May 2, 1878) bought land in Lancaster, Ohio about 1828.
       1. George Washington (b 1/9/1827, d 10/12/1910.) Census says he b in D.C., other family info says Waterford,
          VA.. He m Sarah E. Young 11/4/1852
                  i.   Geoge W. (b 1855)
                  ii.  Essa M. (b 1858, m Mr. Wolfe)
                  iii. Florana (b July 1860)
                  iv. Robert Felton (b 28 July 1862, d 1945, 1891 m Hattie Pool [b 1870, d 1896] m Berta Viola Smith, resided
                   near Kearney in Buffalo Co., Nebraska)
                              1. Beulah Gertrude
                              2. Robert Leroy
                              3. Clarence F. (b abt 1902, d age 16 in farm accident)
                              4. Ruth L. (b abt 1906, m Mr. Downing)
                              5. Helen V.
                              6. Mabel (Lois) (b 23 Feb 1913, m Glenn Hendrickson 20 Jun 1936)
                 v. Charlie
       2. Mary Ann (b 7/27/1828, census & family source says b VA, d 10/6/1869) m John Cullumber 10/14/1846
       3. Ellen (b 1830 Ohio) m Samuel P. Baker
       4. William Jr. (b May 1832, d Dec 2, 1894) m Mary Kiger 3/27/1856
                 i.   Edith (d at 15 months)
                 ii.  Alice
                 iii. Elizabeth
                 iv. John
                             1. Hazel
                             2. Ure
                             3. Agnew
                             3. Merrill
                             4. Francis
                v.   Anna
                vi.  Hetta
                vii.  W. J.
                viii. Jessee Hughs
                             1. Freeman
                             2. Charlene
       5. Richard (b 1834, d 2/5/1864)
       6. Henry (SEE ILLINOIS CRUITS) (b Fairfield Co., Ohio, Aug 24, 1835, d May 22, 1916 Shelby Co., OH)
         m Eliza Pugh
       7. Gilbert (b 1837, d 1908) m Maggy E. Harman 1874
                 i.  Anna? L. (b 1880)
                 ii.  Lena K. (b 1884)
                 iii. Hazel L. (b 1894)
       8. Robert (b 8/19/1839, d 9/27/1916) m Julia Emma Williamson
                 i.  George T. (b 1867, d 1950)
                            1. Paul
                            2. Beatrice
                            3. Ruth
                 ii.  Samual H. (b 1869)
                            1. Cleo
                 iii. Dora E. (b 1870)
                 iv. William J. (b 1873, d 1913)
                            1. Harold Williamson
                            2. William Merrill
                            3. Frances
                            4. Mary Alice
                            5. Florence
                            6. Jessie
                v.  Mabel M. (stillborn, 1887)
                vi.  Emma M. (b 1874)
                vii. Robert W. Jr. (b 1877)
                viii. John T. (b 1879)
                            1. John
                            2. George
                 ix. Ina O. (b 1889)
       9. Hanna G. (b 1844) (raised Mary E. Meier, the mother of a boy and girl) m John Williamson
     10. John T. (b 1845 or 46, d 8/20/1855)
     11. Rachel (b 1849, d 2/7/1851)
While William and Hannah Moon Cruit from England are the ancestors of most if not all of the modern day Cruits who came from Ohio, other Cruits were in the Ohio area even earlier. The mystery is where these even earlier people fit in.
From Adams County Ohio Marriage records: Henry Cruett married Pricilla Henderson May 1, 1817.
1823, Sep 30.  James Cruit m. Sarah Yokem.
<> From a History of Adams County, this: "James A. Cruit and William Cruit were in Co. E, 91st Regt. Ohio Vol. Inf. William Cruit wounded in battle of Cloyd's Mountain, W. Va. William died in rebel prison June 1, 1864. James A. Cruit died rebel prison Nov. 11, 1864."  I have checked the military pension records and these two soldiers seem to show up as Crutes, not Cruits. But, this record was found in Knoxville National Cemetery records in Knox County, Tennessee: Cruit, William, d. 06/01/1864, PVT E 91 OHIO INF, Orig Bur Henry Emery College, Plot: A 1944.
Index to Ohio Tax Lists 1800-10 had this listing: Cruitt, John, Adams Co., page 7, 1807.