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Other PILCHER Information

Please note that some of the registers this information came from were hard to read and so I cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information.

Pilcher Births

(from BMD indexes at Birmingham Public Library)
Harriet Pilcher, Sept 1/4 1837, West Ashford

Anne Pilcher, March 1/4 1838, Bridge
Frances Pilcher, March 1/4 1838, Elham
John Pilcher, March 1/4 1838, Elham
Mary Jane Pilcher, March 1/4 1838, St. Giles & St. George
Sarah Pilcher, March 1/4 1838, Faversham
(female) Pilcher, March 1/4 1838, Dover
George Pilcher, June 1/4 1838, Elham
James Frederick Pilcher, June 1/4 1838, St. Martins
John Pilcher, June 1/4 1838, Elham
Matthew Pilcher, June 1/4 1838, Lambeth
Miram Pilcher, June 1/4 1838, Dover
Sarah Mary Pilcher, June 1/4 1838, Isle of Thanet
(male) Pilcher, June 1/4 1838, Lambeth
(male) Pilcher, June 1/4 1838, Isle of Thanet
(male) Pilcher, June 1/4 1838, St. Martin in the Fields
Catherine Pilcher, Dec 1/4 1838, Blean
Charlotte Elizabeth Pilcher, Dec 1/4 1838, Fastry
Clara Elizabeth Pilcher, Dec 1/4 1838, Isle of Thanet
Edmund Robert Pilcher, Dec 1/4 1838, Isle of Thanet
Frances Beale Pilcher, Dec 1/4 1838, Rye
William Charles Pilcher, Dec 1/4 1838, Isle of Thanet

Eliza Jane Pilcher, March 1/4 1839, Isle of Thames
George Pilcher, March 1/4 1839, Alram
George Pilcher, March 1/4 1839, Bleam
Thomas Pilcher, March 1/4 1839, Birdge
Edward Hunitey Pilcher, June 1/4 1839, Liverpool
Emma Pilcher, June 1/4 1839, Bridge
George Pilcher, June 1/4 1839, Newark
Henry Pilcher, June 1/4 1839, Elham
James Pilcher, June 1/4 1839, Dover
John Pilcher, June 1/4 1839, Sheppey
Lewis Francis Pilcher, June 1/4 1839, Bridge
Sarah Pilcher, June 1/4 1839, Rotherhilhe?
Sarah Pilcher, June 1/4 1839, Elham
Alfred Pilcher, Sept 1/4 1839, Eastry
Emily Pilcher, Sept 1/4 1839, Marylebone
Jane Pilcher, Sept 1/4 1839, W. Ashford
John Pilcher, Sept 1/4 1839, Faversham
Angelina Pilcher, Dec 1/4 1839
Ann Maria Gardener Pilcher, Dec 1/4 1839
Catherine Mary Pilcher, Dec 1/4 1839
Maria Pilcher, Dec 1/4 1839
Mary Ann Pilcher, Dec 1/4 1839
Samuel Pilcher, Dec 1/4 1839
Sarah Marsh Pilcher, Dec 1/4 1839
Stephen Pilcher, Dec 1/4 1839
Susannah Maria Pilcher, Dec 1/4 1839
William John Pilcher, Dec 1/4 1839, Dover
(male) Pilcher, Dec 1/4 1839, Eastry

Charles Henry Pilcher, March 1/4 1840, E. London
Duncan M. Kiarmia? Pilcher, March 1/4 1840, Elham
Eliza Pilcher, March 1/4 1840, Dover
Elizabeth Jane Pilcher, March 1/4 1840, Elham
Franny Pilcher, March 1/4 1840, Holborn
George James Pilcher, March 1/4 1840, Greenwich
Harriot Ann Pilcher, March 1/4 1840, Sheppey
Henry Pilcher, March 1/4 1840, Bridge
James Ernest Pilcher, March 1/4 1840, E. London
Jane Pilcher, March 1/4 1840, Isle of Thamet
John William Pilcher, March 1/4 1840, Isle of Thamet
Mary Ann Pilcher, March 1/4 1840, Forcher?
Sarah Pilcher, March 1/4 1840, Beaminster
William Pilcher, March 1/4 1840, Isle of Wight
Emma Pilcher, June 1/4 1840, Elham
Francis Pilcher, June 1/4 1840, Canterbury
George Stephen Pilcher, June 1/4 1840, Tendring?
Henry Pilcher, June 1/4 1840, Liverpool
Jane Pilcher, June 1/4 1840, W. Ashford
Lucy Pilcher, June 1/4 1840, Newark
Sophia Pilcher, June 1/4 1840, Elham
Stephen Pilcher, June 1/4 1840, Dover
William Edward Pilcher, June 1/4 1840, Lambeth
(male) Pilcher, June 1/4 1840, E. Ashford
Caroline Pilcher, Sept 1/4 1840, Clarkemoll?
Frederick Stephen Pilcher, Sept 1/4 1840, Newington
John Pilcher, Sept 1/4 1840, Elham
Mary Hannah Pilcher, Sept 1/4 1840, Stepney
Sarah Hannah Pilcher, Sept 1/4 1840, Bridge
Alfred William Pilcher, Dec 1/4 1840, Kipe?
Ann Pilcher, Dec 1/4 1840, Isle of Thanet
Harriet Rebecca Pilcher, Dec 1/4 1840, Alverstoke
Richard John Clark Pilcher, Dec 1/4 1840, Newington
Sarah Pilcher, Dec 1/4 1840, Bridge

Ellen Pilcher, June 1/4 1863, Portsea (2b 393)
William Garibaldi Pilcher, June 1/4 1863, Portsea (2b 376)
Arthur Charles Pilcher, Dec 1/4 1863, Portsea (2b 429)

Zoe Sarah Pilcher, March 1/4 1864, Lambeth (1d 614)
Edith Eliza Pilcher, June 1/4 1864, Lambeth (1d 374)

Amelia Helena Beatrice Pilcher, June 1/4 1865, Portsea (2b 413)

William F. Pilcher, March 1/4 1866, Lambeth (1d 419)
George S. Pilcher, June 1/4 1866, Portsea (2b 368)

Richard William Pilcher, Sept 1/4 1867, Portsea (2b 395)
Alfred Pilcher, Dec 1/4 1867, Portsea (2b 375?)

Fanny Pilcher, June 1/4 1870, Portsea (2b 428)
Walter Edward A. Pilcher, June 1/4 1870, Portsea (2b 414)

William George Pilcher, March 1/4 1871, Lambeth (1d 533)
Amelia Helena Pilcher, December 1/4 1871, Portsea (2b 40?)

Louisa Jane Pilcher, June 1/4 1872, Portsea (2b 416)

Amelia May Pilcher, June 1/4 1878, Portsea (2b 420)

Caroline Pilcher, March 1/4 1879, Elbana
Celia Pilcher, March 1/4 1879, Woolwich
Charles Henry Pilcher, March 1/4 1879, Canterbury
Archibald Philip Pilcher, June 1/4 1879, Portsea
James Robert Pilcher II, June 1/4 1879, Portsea

Lilian May Pilcher, Sept 1/4 1880, Lambeth

Catherine Frances Pilcher, June 1/4 1881, Portsea (2b 510)
Frank Alfred Pilcher, June 1/4 1881, Portsea (2b 543)

William James Pilcher, March 1/4 1882, Portsea (2b 572)
Victor Hugh Pilcher, Dec 1/4 1882, Portsea (2b 462)

Sidney Lewis Pilcher, March 1/4 1884, Portsea (2b 508)
Percival Alexander Pilcher, June 1/4 1884, Portsea (2b 472)
William John Pilcher, June 1/4 1884, Portsea (2b 487)

Pilcher Deaths

(from BMD indexes at Birmingham Public Library)
Louisa Maria Pilcher (67), Dec 1/4 1881, Fulham (1a 130)
Mary Ann M. Pilcher (28), Dec 1/4 1881, Portsea (2b 313)
Archibald Bernard Pilcher (0), Dec 1/4 1885, Portsea (2b 331)
Edward Dean Pilcher (63), Dec 1/4 1886, Southampton (2c 13)
Elizabeth Ann Pilcher (83?), June 1/4 1887, Lambeth (1d 293)
Ethel Blanche Pilcher (2), Sept 1/4 1887, Portsea (2b 262)
Laura Pilcher (41), March 1/4 1896, Portsea (2b 350)
Louisa Pilcher (55), Dec 1/4 1897, Rochford (4a 203)
Jane Pilcher (93), Dec 1/4 1898, Portsea (2b 275)
Charles Victor Pilcher (0), March 1/4 1899, Portsea (2b 299)
Amelia Luisa Pilcher (56?), June 1/4 1900, Wandsworth (1d 367)
Alfred Pilcher (62), March 1/4 1930, Portsmouth (2b)
Amelia M. Pilcher (27), June 1/4 1930, Elham (2a 1359)
Nellie Pilcher (0), Mar 1/4 1931, Portsmouth
Harriet Pilcher (71), Sept 1/4 1931, Blean (2a 1033)
Annie Pilcher (57), Mar 1/4 1931, Southampton
Annie M. Pilcher (95), Jun 1/4 1932, Bridge
Louis W. Pilcher (72), Jun 1/4, 1932, Reigate
William A. Pilcher (72), Sept 1/4 1932, Portsmouth
Sarah A. Pilcher (88), Dec 1/4 1932, Portsmouth
Edward Pilcher (70), Jun 1/4 1934, Elham

Pilcher Marriages

(from BMD indexes at Birmingham Public Library)
Louisa Pilcher, March 1/4 1860, Newington (1d 188)
William Pilcher, March 1/4 1860, Portsea (2b 464)
William Pilcher, March 1/4 1861, Elham (2a 897)
William Pilcher, March 1/4 1861, Bridge (2a 637)
Edward Pilcher, Sept 1/4 1861, Shoreditch (1c 450)
William Pilcher, March 1/4 1863, Wheatenhurst? (6a 593)
Sarah Miles Pilcher, Dec 1/4 1863, Lambeth (1d 613)
William Pilcher, June 1/4 1864, Sheppey (2a 1078)
William Pilcher, June 1/4 1864, Leibisham? (1d 1017)
William Pilcher, Sept 1/4 1864, Thanett (2a 1073)

Pilcher Consul Marriages

(from BMD indexes at Birmingham Public Library)
Edward Pilcher, Consul's District: Boulogne (1855-59, v2 p261)
William Edward Pilcher, Sup. Registrar's District: Naples (1860-65, v3 p795) - to Luisa Amelia Pesce

Pigot's London 1833-34

(Birmingham Public Library)
George Pilcher, surgeon
J.W. Pilcher & Co.
John Pilcher, carpenter
John Pilcher, shopkeeper
Jno. strawhat m.
J.G. & J. Pilcher
William Pilcher, eating house
William Pilcher, piano maker
William Pilcher, performer
William H. Pilcher, attorney

London Commercial Post Office Directory 1841

(Birmingham Public Library)
John & Edward Pilcher, corn & flour facts., Mark Lane
John & Jeremiah Pilcher & Sons, merchants, Morgans Lane, Tooley St.
Joseph Webb Pilcher & Co., corn & flour, Mark Lane
George Pilcher, surgeon, 5 Union Street, Borough
William Pilcher, organ builder, 23 Upper Belgrave, Pimlico
William Humphrey Pilcher, solicitor, 18 New Broad Street

Kelly's Directory of Surrey 1882 - Court Directory

(Birmingham Public Library)
Charles Pilcher
G. Pilcher
Henry Drayton Pilcher
John Charles Pilcher
John Giles Pilcher
Oliver Paul Pilcher
Robert John Pilcher

Services of Military Officers 1920

(Birmingham Public Library)
Pilcher, A.S. (Maj. 21 hrs): S. African War 1901-2, Queen's medal with 3 clasps.
Pilcher, E.M. (Col.): Ops on NW Frontier of India 1879-8, medal with 2 clasps. S. African War 1899-1902, King's Medal with 2 clasps. War of 1914-9.
(r) Pilcher, G. (Maj. Res. of Off.): S. African War 1899-02, Queen's Medal with 2 clasps.
Pilcher, T.D. (Maj. Gen): West Africa 1897-8, medal with clasp. S. African War 1899-1902, ADC to the King. Queen's with 5; King's with 2. War of 1914-9.
Pilcher, W.S. (Brev. Maj. G. Gds): 1914-9. 1914 Star.

Who Was Who 1941-1950

(Birmingham Public Library)
Pilcher, Maj.-Gen. Edgar Montagu

Who Was Who 1951-1960

(Birmingham Public Library)
Pilcher, Lieut.-Colonel (Hon. Col.) Alan Humphrey
Pilcher, Vice-Admiral Cecil Horace

Who Was Who 1961-1970

(Birmingham Public Library)
Pilcher, Rt. Rev. Charles Venn
Pilcher, George (Barrister-at-law)
Pilcher, Sir Gonne (St. Clair)
Pilcher, Robert Stuart

Wills Indexes

The following was obtained from indexes of wills and administrations at the Birmingham public library in 2000.
(note: info in brackets includes executors, inheritors and estate value)

1853-1857 Administrations
Mary Ann P, Surrey (Mar 1854)
Thomas P, Surrey (June 1853)
Thomas Morris P, Mdsx (May 1853)

1853-57 Wills
Charles P, Berks (May 1855)
George P, Mdsx (Dec 1855)
Henry P, Kent (Nov 1853)
John William P, Lancaster (Aug 1853)

1858 Wills
Dorothy Patience P (< 7000; John Giles P, Jeremiah Giles P - died Oct 8, 1858)

1859 Wills
Elizabeth P, Marden, Kent
Elizabeth P, Charlton, Dover (left to Elias Tomlin P)

1860 Wills
Sarah P, Isle of Thanet, Kent
Thomas P, Lewisham, Kent (d. 21 May 1860; Eliza Ann P)

1861 Wills
Henry P, Sandwich, Kent (a pilot; left to Elias Tomlin P, nephew)

1862 Wills
Elizabeth P, Oxford
James P, Brabourne, Kent
John P, Canterbury
Richard, Patrixbourne, Kent
Thomas, Isle of Thanet, Kent

1863 Wills
Catherine P, Danbury Essex (widow; d 31 Aug 1863 ; sons William P, carpenter, Edward P, porter)

1864 Administrations
Thomas Dewhirst P, Canterbury

1865 Wills
Charles Felix P, Surrey
William P, Dover (a victualler)

1866 Administrations
Edward James P, Westminster (a publican; left to Mary Maria P; under 100)

1866 Wills
Elizabeth P, Dover
Jeremiah P. Esq., Mdsx (250,000)
John P, Dover (Labourer)
John P, Canterbury
William Humphery P, London

1867 Wills
Susan P, Bath

1868 Wills
George P, Kent

1868 Administrations
Edward P, Patrixbourne, Kent (bachelor; William Billinghurst P, brother)

1869 Wills
Jeremiah Giles P, Southwark (Anna Clarissa P; 90,000)
William Wood P, Kent

1870 Wills
Stephen P, Kent

1870 Administrations
Elizabeth P, Northampton (widow)
Thomas P, Kent

1871 Wills
Jane P (nee Finnis?), Kent (widow)

1872 Wills
Robert Cook P, Kent
Sophia P, Exeter, Devon (widow; Sophia Salter, daughter)
Susannah P, Kent (spinster)

1873 Wills
Jesse P, Kent
Martha P, Kent (spinster)
Martha Elizabeth P, Kent
Thomas P, Kent

1874 Wills
James P, Kent
John P, Kent
Mary P, Kent
Thomas Webb P, Mdsx

1875 Wills
Eleanor P, Durham (widow)
Eliza P, Kent (widow)
Jane Elizabeth P, Mdsx (wife of Edward William P, writer in a govt office)
William P, Chief Engineer in Royal Navy on board HMS Dido; died 14 Dec 1874 at sea

1876 Wills
Albina P, (spinster)
Frances P, Clapham, Surrey (see my Pilcher Page)

1877 Wills
Ann P, Mdsx (widow)
George P, Kent
Herbert Edward P, Kent
Jane P, Kent (spinster
Sophia P, Mdsx (widow)

1878 Wills
Edward P. Esq., River, Kent (16,000; Edward Pilcher Coleman, William Coleman, nephews)
Margaret P
Peter James P
Tabitha Susanna, Kent (widow)

1879 Wills
Elizabeth P, Kent
George P, Mdsx
John P, Dover
Ruth P, Kent (widow)

1880 Wills
James P, Kent
James Ernest P, Surrey
John P, Kent
Mary Ann P, Mdsx (widow)
William Creed P, Mdsx

1881 Wills
Emma P, Mdsx
James Frederick P, Surrey
John Godier Simmonds P, Mdsx
Julia Ann P (nee Lucas), Mdsx

1882 Wills
William P, Kent (Victualler)

1883 Wills
Eliza Catherine Emily P, Ripley Surrey (formerly of Stevenage/Hertford; wife of Edward P)
Jane P, Sussex (left to John Giles P and Matthew P, sons)
Louisa Maria P, Mdsx
Richard P, Kent
Thomas P, Kent (shoemaker)

1884 Wills
Charles Rayner P, Kent (victualler)
Mary Ann P, Kent (wife of Robert P)
Thomas P, Kent (labourer; left to William and John Frederick, sons)
Thomas James P, Sussex (bachelor; William P, Mdsx, brother)

1885 Wills
Elias Tomlin P, Dover (Elias P, son, and Isabel Amelia P, widow)
Elizabeth P, Surrey
Emma Elizabeth P, Kent (Thomas William P, brother)
Mary Rebecca P, Mdsx (Montagu Somes P, son; 19,000)

1886 Wills
Jane Patience P, Sussex
Miriam P, Dover
Stephen Lushington P, Stafford (William Wakefield P, father)

1887 Wills
Edward Dean P, Southampton (see my Pilcher Page)
Henry P, Elmstead, Kent (labourer)
Henry Richard P, Folkstone, Kent (coal merchant)
Phoebe P, Richmond, Surrey (Charles Henry P, son)
Robert Hope P, India (Florence Ellen P, wife, Surrey)

1888 Wills
Alfred William P, Tenterden, Kent (d Aug 1874; Frances Beale Older, sister)
Arthur Henry Edmonds P, Tenterden, Kent (d Jul 1882; Frances Beale Older, sister)
Frances P, Tenterden, Kent (d Nov 6, 1887; Anna Louisa P, daughter)
John P, Faverham, Kent
John Dendy P, Mdsx (Matilda P, wife)
Mary Castle P, Warwick (wife of William Wakefield P)
The Rev Richard P, Lancaster
Sarah P, Kent

1889 Wills
Lucy P, Folkestone, Kent
Rebecca Clara P, Kempsey, Worcester (Frances Hannah Louisa P, sister)
Thomas P, Dover, Kent (Margaret P, wife)

1890 Wills
William P, Paddington, Mdsx (Susannah Elizabeth P, widow)
William P, Deptford, Kent (Jane Amelia P, widow)

1891 Wills
Alfred Thomas P, Kent (victualler)
Edward P, Surrey (farmer)
Henry P, Faversham, Kent
Thomas Smith P, Crundale, Kent
The Rev William Henry P, Dublin
William Wakefield P

1892 Wills
Elizabeth P, Westminster, Mdsx (Edward John P)
Frances Hannah Louisa P, Kempsey, Worcestershire
Mary P, Thanet, Kent
Stephen P, Dover

1893 Wills
Charles P, Dover
Edward Huntley P, Australia
Edward Mendham P, Lancashire
Harriet Alice P, Margate
John Kingsford Wood P, Kent
John Weekes P, Kent
Walter George P, Folkestone

1894 Wills
Matilda P, Mdsx
Sarah P, Folkestone
Sophia, Folkestone

1895 Wills
Albert P, Manchester
Frances Sarah P, Surrey (wife of Henry Warton P)
Henry Warton P, Mdsx (Gertrude Warton Gardiner P)
Louisa Jane P, Kent
William Henry P, Manchester

1896 Wills
Richard P, Kent
William P, Kent (Jane P, wife; Ernest Thomas P, bootmaker, Walter Harry P, draper)

1897 Wills
Elizabeth Ann P, Kent (wife of Charles Richard P)
George P, Canterbury
James William P, Canterbury (Albert Henry P, Maude P)
Lewis P, Mdsx (Jane Lucretia P, wife)
Magdalene P, Chinsarelli Siena Italy (spinster; Catherine Elizabeth Montagu P)
William Fitzgerald P, Brighton
William John P, Lincolnshire

1898 Wills
Thomas P, Kent
Thomas P, Kent
William P, Kent
William James P, Surrey

1899 Wills
Anna Clarissa P, Oxford
Charles P, Kent
Henry P, Kent
Margaret Emma P, Dover
Mary P, Manchester
Percy Sinclair P, Mdsx
Sarah P, Wye, Kent

1900 Wills
Amelia Luisa P, Balham Surrey (see my Pesce Page)
Charles Robert P, Essex
Elizabeth Sarah P, Kent
George Henry P, Dover
Jeremiah Giles P, Southward (Giles Theodore P; 117,386)
John P, Middlesborough
Mary Ann P, Mdsx (wife of Henry William P)
Stephen John P, Dover
William, Mdsx

1901 Wills
Charles P, Surrey
Elgar P, Folkestone
Henry William P, Mdsx
Isabel, Middlesborough
Julia Margaret P, Ramsgate
Mary P, Canterbury

1902 Wills
Harriett P, Surrey (wife of John P)

1903 Wills
Lewis Francis P, Canterbury (Annie Maria P, widow)
Hannah Jane P, Kent (wife of Arthur William P)
Mary, Folkestone

1904 Wills
Caroline Bennett P, Folkestone
Charles P, Kent
Elizabeth P, Dublin
John P, Mdsx
Richard P, Kent
Selina P, Surrey
Sophia P (nee Bourne)

1905 Wills
Anne P, Kent
George P, Canterbury
George P, Canterbury
Gillbee William Wood P, Dover
Henry Richard P, Folkestone
Mary P, Kent
Mary Hannah P, Folkestone
William Henry P, Jersey

1906 Wills
Dick P, Folkestone
Francis P, Kent
Henry P, Lambeth
Matthew P, Berkshire
Susannah P, Ramsgate

1907 Wills
Edward P, Rochester
George Loat P, Australia
Roger P, Folkestone

1908 Wills
Sarah Ann P, Brighton
Cecil Eugene P, Dover
Frank P, Kent
Henry Drayson P, Mdsx
Henry John P, New Zealand
Mary Ann P, Essex
Thomas P, Kent

1909 Wills
Jane P, Kent
Jane P, Patras, Greece
Montagu Somes P, Mdsx

1910 Wills
Frederick P, Hampshire
Hannah P, Surrey

1911 Wills
Edwin John P, Chatham
John P, Surrey
John Giles P, Surrey (204,000)
Samuel P, Folkestone

1912 Wills
George Briscoe P, Argentina
James Vincer P, Deal
John P, Ramsgate
Robert Septimus, Cheshire
Sidney P, Chatham

1913 Wills
Charles Richard P, Surrey
Rev Francis P, Oxford
Robert Alexander, Kent

1914 Wills
Edith P, Kent
Harriett P, Kent
James P, Kent

1915 Wills
Fanny P, Petham, Kent (d 15 May 1915; widow of John Taylor P)
George P, Folkestone
Henry P, Liverpool
Mary Ann P, Kent
Richard P, Kent
Sarah P, Essex
Sarah Ann P, Surrey
Thomas Percy P, Mdsx

1916 Wills
Elizabeth P, Surrey
Mary Jane P, Mdsx
Thomas P, Kent

1917 Wills
Alice Imogene P, Surrey
Ernest James P, Hampshire
Jesse Griggs P, Mdsx

1918 Wills
Gerald Aubrey P
Jesse P
Josephine Frances P
Lucy Charlotte P
Sarah Jane P
Walter James P

1919 Wills
Alfred Mark P
Charles P
Charlotte Henrietta P
John P
Kathleen Mary P
Stanley Thomas P
Walter Chatfield P

1920 Wills
Frederick Henry Isaac P
Frederick John P
Stephen John P

1921 Wills
Henry P
Mary P
Mary Ann P
Percy Edward P

1922 Wills
Catherine Frances P, 49 Charlwood St. Belgrave Road, Pimlico, Mdsx (d 25 Jan 1922; wife of Edward John P; 338)
Edward Thomas P
Florence Ruth P
George Edward P
Isabella P
Richard P

1923 Wills
Frances Ann P
Harriett Ann P
James Ingmire P
William Edward P (see my Pilcher Page)

1924 Wills
Alfred Thomas P
Clara Ann P
Edgar Arthur P
Gerald P
James Marford P
Mabel Louisa P
Stephen P, Portsmouth (Rose Marion P, wife)
William James P

1925 Wills
Edwin John P
Lillian Charlotte Emma P
Louisa Harriet P
Mary P

1926 Wills
Amy Edith P
Edward Weekes P
Eliza Annie P
Henry George P
Jane P
John P
Mary P
Thomas Smith P
William P

1927 Wills
Augusta Elizabeth P
Caroline Ellen P
Charles John Grant P
Elias P
Frederick Robert P
Margaret P
Margaret P
Sidney Charles Edward P
William P

1928 Wills
George Henry P
Helen Mary P
Horace Charles P
Oliver Paul P
Thomas Sutton P
William P

1929 Wills
Alonzo Bilham P
Emily Alice P
Emma P
George P
Harriett P
John P
John Taylor P
Maud Marie P
Thomas David P
William Thomas P

1930 Wills
Albert Henry P
Emily Lucy P
Flora Annie P
Jennette Maria P
Kate P
Sarah Elizabeth P
Thomas P
Wallace Frank P

1931 Wills
Edwin Alfred P
Ellen P
Eveline Mary P
Geoffrey Norman P
Walter Frederick P
William Lewis P

1932 Wills
Albert Henry P
Amelia P (wife of Albert Edward P)
Annie Maria P
Cullen P
Dorothy Kate P
Henry Castle P
Julia Annie Mary P
Sarah Elizabeth P
Victor George P
William Alfred P
William Robert Alfred P

1933 Wills
Archibald Frank P
Fanny P (a widow)
Harry P
Horace Arthur P
John George P
Mary Alma Eleanor Wood P
Mary Ellen P
Sarah Anne P

1934 Wills
Arthur P
Edith Phoebe P
Phoebe P

1935 Wills
Alfred Thomas P
Giles Theodore P
Isabel Eleanor P
Lucy P
Mary P
Stephen P

1936 Wills
Arthur Newton P
Charles P
Clara P
Daisy P
Edith Lydia P
Elizabeth Louisa P
Ernest Charles P
John P
Lucy Hester P
Maude P
Robert P
Thomas Alfred P

1937 Wills
Franklin P
Gerald Aubrey P
Henry P
Horace P
Percy William P
Rosina P
Sophia Margaretta P
Walter William P
William Frederick P

1938 Wills
Annie P
Charles P
Clark Smith P
Eliza P
Henry P
Thomas P

1939 Wills
Fanny P (a widow)
Henrietta P
Jean Gwendolyne P
Jesse P
Maria P
Sarah Jane P

1940 Wills
Alice Maud P
Charles Harrison P
Edward James P
Ernest Alfred P
Gertrude P
Hannah Maria P
Henry P
James Edward P
Joseph P
Joseph P

1941 Wills
Alfred Henry P
Archibald Phillip P
Charles Edward P
Edward John P
Emma Jane P
Flora Louisa P
Harriet Maria P
Henry Arthur Patrick P
James Herbert Conroy P
John Allan P
Lilias Mary P
Minnie Alice P
Walter P
William George P
William Henry P

1942 Wills
Arthur P
Arthur Arlin P
Charles Newman P
Edith P
Elizabeth Emma P
Henry Charles P
Hilda Fanny P
Jemima P
Jessie P
John Harry Warton P
Katie Florence P
Lewis Edward P
Mary P
Norman Stanley P
Robert Edgar P
Victor William P

1943 Wills
Anne Elizabeth P
Arthur Frank P
Arthur Willam P
Charles P
Ellen May P
Eneida P
Lilian Mary P
Lyster Willam P
Maria Harriett P
Nina P
William P, Maidstone (d 19 Sept 1943)
William Henry George P

1944 Wills
Cecil Westland P
Charles Edward P
Charles Frederick P
Charles William P
Dorothy Daisy P
Fred Ernest P
Frederick John P
Harry Herbert P
Mabel Alice P
Marguerite Dear P
Mary P
Millicent Agnes P
Thomas William P
William George P
Winifred Norah P

1945 Wills
Clark Smith P
Edward P
Ellen Louisa P
Lilian Blanche P
Peggy P
Robert Henry P
Rose Kate P
Sylva Odette P
Wilhelmina P

1946 Wills
Annie P (a widow)
Charles Albert P
Emily P (a widow)
Florence Mabel P (a widow)
Frank Gordon P
Harry James P
Henry William P
Joseph Henry P
Patrick Stephen Worth P
Sarah Jane P
Victor P
William John P

1947 Wills
Alfred Ernest Edward P
Alice P
Annette Elizabeth P
Arthur John P
Arthur Leonard P
Edgar Montague P
Edward P
Frederick Thomas Edward P
Herbert P
Jesse P
John Edward P
Judith Ann P (a spinster)
Kathleen P
Mavis Routh P
Rose Maud P
Stephen William P

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