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This is the Cohoe-Shultz family genealogy page. It is a work in progress.
Please feel free to e-mail me with any addtions or corrections!

Some additional notes:
COHOE - 1720 - IRL > PA > CANADA > NY > TN
Earliest known possible ancestor is James, died 1655, PA.

ORR - 1866 - GA > KY > TN
Looking for parents of John Orr who married Elizabeth Bradford. Strong suspicion of either John Orr, Sr or James Orr.

CAMPBELL - 1848 - TN > MS > TN
Looking for parents of HUGH CAMPBELL, bn 1792 South Carolina. Lived in Giles County, Tennessee.

FIELDING - 1800'S > ENG OR IRL > OH, Delaware and Franklin Counties.
Looking for any information on Patrick William Fielding, married to Ann Cransen (Crawson/Crossen/Croisen) 1837 in Cuyahoga County, OH... listed in 1850 and 1860 in Columbus, Franklin Co, OH Census, listed in 1880 in Delaware Co, OH. Gravesite for Ann Fielding in Oak Grove Cemetery, Delaware County, OH along with 2 possible sons, William and (Patrick) Henry Fielding. Patrick Fielding is listed but no burial location found.

MALONEY - 1859? > IRL > NY? > OH
Katherine (Kate) Maloney was married to James H. Fielding. She came over with mother and sibling during potato famine, mother died on board ship. Father was here in NY, but could not be found. "Auntie Dee", from a family on the same ship, took them in and raised them in Ohio. Kate was born 1852, died 1916 in Columbus, OH. Now believe sister to be Mary Maloney, married to John Wiggins and living in same household in 1870 census. Trying to verify connection.


SHULTZ - 1760'S - GER > PA > OH
Oldest ancestor so far is possibly Johann Nicholas Shultz, bn 1746 in Germany, immigrating to America around 1760 or so, possibly with Baker family. Trying to sort out all the Shultz's in Somerset County, PA ... Still....

HILLARD - 1840 - KY > OH
Looking for parents of William Arnold Hillard, bn 1862 in Madison, KY... possibly a James?

CLARK - 1790's - PA > OH
Looking for the brother of Abel Clark, bn 1794. They traveled together to Columbiana County about 1820. Abel moved on to Knox County, OH... can not find brother, believed to have stayed in Columbiana or Carroll County areas. Abel was born in Greene Co, PA.

LUNSFORD - 1842? - ?? > KY
Looking for parents, spouse, siblings of Col. John Lunsford, bn 1842, died 13 Nov 1913 in Jackson Co, KY. Was told that he adopted his children, would like to verify this information. Daughter Rhoda married William Arnold Hillard

ROBINSON - 1846 - KY
Looking for parents, siblings of Thomas R. Robinson, said to be a country doctor, listed as a shoe drummer on 1900 Census. Wife is Mahala Frances Holland (Fannie). He was born 1846, she was born 1856 to Green V. Holland and Elizabeth Asbill.

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