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Black Seminole Scouts
Source: UTSA's Institute of Texan Cultures; No. 074-1111, Courtesy of Charles G. Downing.


I have transcribed a few more pages of
Moore's Seminole Roll and Land Guide. These are maps showing where each Seminole Freedman had his or her land allotment.

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Welcome to the Cudjo genealogy page! This website is dedicated to all the Cudjo families, especially the Seminole Cudjos who came from Florida to Oklahoma. To learn more about a topic, please choose from the menu on the left, or read below. Enjoy this website!
Hanna Anderson

Origin of the Name
Read about where the name Cudjo is originally from. Find out what it means and how it was pronounced. Read more »

Seminole Cudjos
Trace your Seminole ancestors! Read about Cudjo, an interpreter and guide for the US government. Learn about the Black Seminoles and much moreRead more »

I am always adding more information to this website!
The following sections are coming soon:

New Jersey Cudjos

Learn about African Americans in the Revolutionary War and find out about the first African American business owner in Newark NJ.

Florida Cudjos
Read about another Cudjo family that has lived in Florida for over 150 years.

Other Cudjos
Find out where Cudjoe Head is or Cudjo Cave. Learn about Captain Cudjo or the "last slave" and other famous Cudjos.