Manuel Cueto "El Hombre Diablo"
Manuel Cueto
"El Hombre Diablo"

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This site is a comprehensive study and presentation about the life and baseball career of Manuel Cueto.  It is devoted to honoring and preserving his memory and achievements.

Manuel Cueto (d. 1942, Regla, Cuba) was one of the earliest Cubans to play professional baseball in the United States of America. His baseball career spanned thirty years. He played on minor league teams in the United States, in the U.S. major leagues and with independent / outlaw baseball teams. In addition, he had an extremely successful playing career in Cuba and was a player / manager on teams in several countries in Central America. Manuel Cueto was inducted into the Salón de la Fama del Béisbol Cubano (Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame) in 1950.

Material about Manuel Cueto accessible through the pages of this web site will be: 

  •  a detailed examination and documentation of his baseball career
  •  a summary of his records, honors and achievements
  •  comprehensive batting and fielding statistics
  •  images of Manuel Cueto baseball cards
  •  individual, team and family photographs
  •  information about teammates and managers he played with
  •  images of the baseball fields where he played
  •  fun facts about his life and baseball career
  •  a genealogical study of his ancestors and descendants
  •  a chronicle of the baseball career of his son, Roberto Cueto
  •  a timeline and an interactive map
  •  images of a variety of primary documents
  •  an exhaustive bibliography of sources and materials
  •  links to additional resources for information about Manuel Cueto
  •  The Courtship of a Son of Swat

The development of this web site is still in progress and material will continue to be added. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us directly if you are looking for something in particular.

Your contribution to the body of knowledge about Manuel Cueto is welcome and solicited.   If you have information or knowledge about him or any related topic, please contact us about sharing it.

If you encounter any type of problem (data errors, omissions, missing links, broken links, typographical errors, HTML / page format errors, etc.) on this web site, please let us know so the problem can be corrected promptly.

Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Pages of this site may be linked to freely.  Information from this site may be used by individuals for personal, private, noncommercial use only.  The entire compilation and arrangement of information located on this web site or any major portion thereof or the HTML Code for any page or major portion thereof may not be duplicated without consent.

Manuel Cueto
"El Hombre Diablo"

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