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General Information

In 1893 Lewis R. CULBERTSON wrote, "I am informed by parties in Londonderry, Ireland, that there are no CULBERTSONs living in County Derry now, but there are CULBERTSONs living at Ballyscanlan, County Donegal, which is not far from Londonderry." lrc  [See Moses CULBERTSON and Samuel CULBERTSON, below], In addition, CULBERTSON said that in the late 1800s there were CULBERTSONs living in Ireland at: Gortnaskeagh, County Donegal; Dublin; Ballymoney, County Antrim; and Bulaughmore, County Tyrone. lrc5

Index to Records With Given Names
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Records Without Given Names
    1. ? CULBERTSON; Probably lived at Bulaughmore, County Tyrone, Ireland. lrc1  Probably related to the CULBERTSONs at CULBERTSON's Row, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. lrc1
      1.1 ? CULBERTSON; (d.c. 1815, Bulaughmore, County Tyrone, Ireland lrc2); Farmer; lrc2; Probably a nephew to the three CULBERTSON brothers at CULBERTSON's Row, Franklin County, Pennsylvania lrc2; m. ? CLENDENNIS, of Fintin, County Tyrone, Ireland lrc2  They had:
        1.1.1 William CULBERTSON, of Bulaughmore, County Tyrone, Ireland lrc2
        1.1.2 James CULBERTSON, of Dublin, Ireland; Surgeon; His children changed their names to CUTHBERTSON lrc2
        1.1.3 John CULBERTSON; (b. 1791; d. 18 Mar 1882, Hanover, York County, Pennsylvania lrc2)
        1.1.4 ? CULBERTSON, a daughter of County Tyrone, Ireland, who m. ? WALLACE.  Their children emigrated to America. lrc2
        1.1.5 ? CULBERTSON, a daughter lrc2
        1.1.5 ? CULBERTSON, a daughter lrc2
      1.2 James CULBERTSON; emigrated to Mason County, Kentucky. lrc3  He married and they had:
        1.2.1 Robert CULBERTSON; (d. Rushville, Indiana lrc3)
        1.2.2 James CULBERTSON; lived near Marysville, Kentucky lrc3
        1.2.3 William CULBERTSON, of Glenwood, Indiana lrc3
        1.2.4 David CULBERTSON, a bachelor lrc3
        1.2.5 Margaret CULBERTSON; m. ? REED lrc3
        1.2.6 Sarah CULBERTSON; m. ? lrc3
      1.3 Robert CULBERTSON; emigrated from Ireland bef. 1800 to Harrison County, Ohio lrc4  He married and they had:
        1.3.1 George CULBERTSON lrc4
        1.3.2 Samuel CULBERTSON lrc4
        1.3.3 James CULBERTSON lrc4
        1.3.4 John CULBERTSON lrc4
        1.3.5 Ezekiel CULBERTSON lrc4
        1.3.6 William CULBERTSON lrc4
        1.3.7 Robert CULBERTSON lrc4
        1.3.8 Thomas CULBERTSON lrc4
        1.3.9 Benjamin CULBERTSON lrc4
        1.3.10 Joseph CULBERTSON lrc4
        1.3.11 Annie CULBERTSON; m. Dr. ? GILLOGLY, of Muskingum, Ohio lrc4
    1. ? CULBERTSON  This unknown man is very likely the father of both Samuel CULBERTSON and Moses CULBERT or CULBERTSON.  It could also be that this unknown man is, or is related to, one of the two Samuel CULBERT men found in Kilmacrenan Civil Parish, County Donegal in 1796.  [See: Samuel CULBERT]
      1.1 Samuel CULBERTSON; (b.c. 1803, gro1 Ballyscanlon, Kilmacrenan, County Donegal prt; d. 14 Dec 1888, Ballyscanlan townland, Kilmacrenan Parish, County Donegal, age 85 gro1).  His son, Nathaniel CULBERT, of Ballyscanlan townland, registered the death. gro1  Samuel was a farmer. gro1  He married c. 1847, Mary Ann ANDERSON; da (b.c. 1825, County Donegal prt; d. Apr 1897, Ballyscanlon prt)  1856, resided in County Donegal, Kilmacrenan Parish, Ballyscanlon Lower townland, renting No. 9b & 11, one of seven tenants shown in the Kilmacrenan Estate Rental Book, all being in arrears with the rent; ms2  In 1857, County Donegal, Kilmacrenan Parish, Ballyscanlan Lower townland (1-2 mi. NE of Kilmacrenan, Ordinance Survey Map 36), No. 7A&B, rented from the Earl of Letrim, house, outbuildings, and 22 acres of land, valuation 12 pounds.  [Fiches 4.A.9, 9.C.7, and 12.F.3]. gv  c. 1858-1869, County Donegal, Kilmacrenan Parish, Ballyscanlon Lower townland, No. 10, renting 14.75 acres arable land, 9.75 acres pasture; ms3  Also c. 1858-1869, Samuel CUTHBERTSON and Moses CUTHBERTSON resided in Kilmacrenan Parish, Ballyscanlon Lower Townland, renting No. 9b & 11, with undertenant Henry MARSHALL, consisting of 23 acres of arable land and 5.25 acres of pasture. ms3  Samuel and Mary Ann had:
        1.1.1 Margaret CULBERT; (b. 17 Feb 1846; bap. 5 Apr 1846 [no townland given])
        1.1.2 Matilda CULBERT; (b. 26 Feb 1850; prt bap. 27 Feb 1850, Ballyscanlon townland; prt)
        1.1.3 Nathaniel CULBERT; (b. 26 Feb 1850; prt bap. 27 Feb 1850, Ballyscanlon townland; prt d. 10 Mar 1906, Ballyscanlon prt)
        1.1.4 Elizabeth CULBERT; (b. 16 Jan 1853; prt bap. 19 Feb 1853, Ballyscanlon townland; prt d. 10 Mar 1906, Ballyscanlon prt)
      1.2 Moses CULBERT or CULBERTSON; (b. 1806, County Donegal, Ireland; d. 19 Mar 1895, Ballyscanlon townland, Kilmacrenan Parish, County Donegal, age 88)  See: Moses CULBERTSON
    Widow ? CULBERTRON; 1796, resident of County Derry, Faughanvale Parish swp
    ? CULBERTSON (Widow), 1825, County Donegal, Kilmacrenan Civil Parish, No. 6, 2.25 acres [Film 29 7/15] ta
    ? CULBERTSOME (female); (b.c. 1868; d. 1868, age 0, County Donegal, Milford Registration District, Vol. 17, p. 162) proni
    ? CULBERTSON, Kilbarron townland, County Donegal gv [Info. found online]


da Kilmacrenan Parish Presbyterian Church baptism records obtained in 2002 from Donegal Ancestry, Old Meeting House, Back Lane, Ramelton, Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland.  [Email: donances at]   Tel./Fax. 074-51266.  They searched all Presbyterian baptism records in Kilmacrenan.  They did not find a marriage record for Samuel CULBERTSON and Mary Ann ANDERSON, and they included in their search all civil non-Catholic marriages for the Kilmacrenan area.  They also did not find any relevant death records or gravestone inscriptions available for the Kilmacrenan area for this family.  Civil birth and death registers could also be searched for a fee of $20 per record.  They also said the 1901 census return shows two CULBERTSON households in Ballyscanlan Lower.  The fee is also $20 per record transcript.

dl3 Dale Leppard  [Email: clonfada at]  Last Contact: June 2002.

gro1 General Register Office death registration from Kilmacrenan Registrar's District, Milford Union, Quarter 4, Volume 2, page 151.

gv Griffith's Primary Valuation, 1848-1864  1857 for County Donegal.  Index available.  Compiled by Richard Griffith, the Commissioner of Valuation, this resource lists the prime lessee and the lessor of every property, both buildings and land, in Ireland.  Under each townland or street is given a brief description of each property, with the acreage and the valuation due.  It was a tax, based upon the productive capacity of the land and the rent potential of the buildings.  It was initially intended to raise money for the maintenance of the poor and destitute of each parish, including the upkeep of the local workhouse.  Because Griffith's Valuation was taken about one generation after the Tithe Applotment (1828-1838), where the same family is found for the same townland in both records, it suggests a possible link.  As married women did not have property rights in the 1800s, any woman named was either a widow or a spinster (never married).  This survey serves as a default for the 1851 national census, which no longer exists.

lrc Dr. Lewis Rogers Culbertson, M.D., 1893 and 1923 revision, "Genealogy of the Culbertson and Culberson Families," The Courier Company, Zanesville, Ohio.

lrc1 Dr. Lewis Rogers Culbertson, M.D., 1893, "Genealogy of the Culbertson and Culberson Families," The Courier Company, Zanesville, Ohio, Section Tenth, p. 298.

lrc2 Dr. Lewis Rogers Culbertson, M.D., 1893, "Genealogy of the Culbertson and Culberson Families," The Courier Company, Zanesville, Ohio, Section Tenth, p. 299.

lrc3 Dr. Lewis Rogers Culbertson, M.D., 1893, "Genealogy of the Culbertson and Culberson Families," The Courier Company, Zanesville, Ohio, Section Tenth, p. 301.

lrc4 Dr. Lewis Rogers Culbertson, M.D., 1893, "Genealogy of the Culbertson and Culberson Families," The Courier Company, Zanesville, Ohio, Section Tenth, p. 303.

lrc5 Dr. Lewis Rogers Culbertson, M.D., 1893, "Genealogy of the Culbertson and Culberson Families," The Courier Company, Zanesville, Ohio, p. 10.

ms2 Rental Book, 1856, Letrim Estate papers, Manor of Vaughan Estate, Manuscript 3802, Manuscript Department, National Library, 2 Kildare Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. pb  Letter dated 24 Jun 1999.

ms3 Accounts of the Earl of Letrim's Donegal Estates in the Parishes of Kilmacrenan, Tullyfern, Clandavadogg, Meevagh, Raymunterdoney, and Tullaghobegley, Barony of Kilmacrenan, 1858-1869, Manuscripts 5175-5178, Ballyscanlon Lower Townland, Manuscript Department, National Library, 2 Kildare Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. pb  Letter dated 24 Jun 1999.

proni Public Records Office of Northern Ireland, Civil Registration Index Volumes, Marriages 1845 to 1873 and Deaths 1864 to 1895.  [Note: for the death records, the birth year is estimated from age and year of death.]

prt Pat Reid Teaze, 6111 Romany Drive, San Diego, California 92120  [Email: patteaze at]  Last Contact: May 2001.

swp Spinning Wheel Premium Entitlements List (a.k.a. Flax List).  In order to encourage the linen industry the Irish Linen Board encouraged farmers to grow flax.  Grants were paid in the form of free looms or spinning wheels in exchange for the flax.  The farmer's name, parish and number of wheels or looms were recorded on this list.

ta Tithe Applotment Books  Between 1823 and 1838 these records were compiled of those who were tenants on Church of Ireland (Anglican) lands throughout Ireland, in order to provide a valuation of lands and buildings for tax purposes.  The money was used for the upkeep of the Church of Ireland, which was the established church until 1869.  The word "tithe" comes from the Latin for a tenth part, and refers to the custom of paying a tenth of one's earnings to the church.  Originally the tithe was in kind, but as money became more and more prevalent, so the tithe came to be paid in cash.  The 1823 Composition Act called for the tithes be paid in money, and over the next 15 years a valuation survey was made of each civil parish in Ireland to determine how much each landholder should pay.  The survey was conducted by those who stood to gain from tithes, namely personnel of the Church of Ireland, and usually members of the select vestry or applotters appointed by them "to regulate and sub-divide".  This was an unpopular tax that had to be paid by peoples of all faiths, and it led to civil trouble.  These tithes were abolished in 1838.
Within each civil parish this valuation provides the name of the townland, the name of the tenant, the area of land, the land quality, types of crops, and the tithes due.  The amount of tithe payable by each landholder was based on all of these factors, and was calculated by a formula using the average price of wheat and oats from 1816-23.  Most parishes had at least one tithe survey during the period 1820-38 while some had two.  The results of each survey were recorded in large books.  The Tithe Applotment Books encompass some 2,000 volumes.
Some parts of the country were exempt from paying the tithe, among them glebe lands (land occupied by established clergymen), granges (land which in pre-Reformation times had belonged to a monastery) and all towns.  Thus, the tithes were applied particularly to people in rural areas.  However, they do constitute the only county-wide survey from this time period, and are particularly valuable because the heaviest burden of the tithes fell on the poorest people, for whom few other records survive.
[Notes: Tithes Index of 1834 shows no CUTHBERT or CULBERT in Conwal Parish, and one CULBERT in Raphoe North Parish.  An index to surnames of all persons found in the Tithe Applotment Books and Griffith's Primary Valuation shows six CULBERT properties and two CULBERTSON properties in Co. Donegal.  Their distributions by baronies follows: CULBERT - Kilmacrenan (2); Raphoe North (2); Raphoe South (2); CULBERTSON - Kilmacrenan (2). da  Letter dated 22 Apr 1997.


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