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Images of Stalag Luft I


Compiled By: James H. Culbert
Last Updated: 17 Apr 2014

The following links provide access to images of Stalag Luft I and the immediate surroundings of Barth, Pommerania, Germany.  Most of these photos were taken by my father, Walter M. "Dick" Culbert, following liberation of his P.O.W. camp by the Russians in early May, 1945. My father acquired a German camera and took these photos while on and off duty from the time of liberation and continued service as Military Police through his travel in France before leaving for the U.S.


  • P.O.W.s - Seymour M. Alexander, Meridith Calvert, Arthur Coble, Walter M. "Dick" Culbert, Don DeLaura, "Okey" DeRaimo, Ed Hennegan, Jack Larsen, Trian Neag, Jack Scott Page 1
  • P.O.W.s - Seymour M. Alexander, "Okey" DeRaimo, and others unidentified Page 2
  • P.O.W.s - Walter M. "Dick" Culbert, Ed Hennegan, Gene Saur Page 3
  • P.O.W.s - Russ Crans, Ted Davis, Thomas Garner, and another unidentified Page 4
  • P.O.W.s - Seymour M. Alexander, Ed Hennegan, Matthew McEvoy, Gene Saur Page 5
  • P.O.W.s - Walter M. "Dick" Culbert, Warren Donovan, Captain Danby, and others unidentified Page 6
  • Stalag Luft I - Camp Headquarters, German Warehouse & Stable, American Kriegies Page 7
  • Stalag Luft I - Loading trucks & R.A.F. Kriegies, Sports Field in South Complex Page 8
  • P.O.W.s - Walter M. "Dick" Culbert and Gene Saur, Russian enlisted man & truck, Stalag Luft I - South Compound Page 9
  • Stalag Luft I - South Compound Main Gate, Main Gate to Camp, Bunk Beds Page 10
  • Stalag Luft I - North Compound Gate, First Americans in Camp, Russian General Borisoff & R.A.F. P.O.W.s Page 11
  • Stalag Luft I - German Officers' Club & Russian barracks, View towards Barth Page 12
  • Views of the Baltic Sea Page 13
  • P.O.W.s - "Okey" DeRaimo, Walter M. "Dick" Culbert, and Herbert Clough Page 14
  • Russians with confiscated hay, P.O.W.s - Ed Hennegan and Seymour M. Alexander, German radar school Page 15
  • Views of German radar school, Stalag Luft I, and dog kennels Page 16
  • German airplanes - FW 190 & JU 88 Page 17
  • Temporary Camp at Rheims - Walter M. "Dick" Culbert, Camp Lucky Strike, France - Seymour M. Alexander Page 18
  • Leaving Rheims on C47s, Ted Davis, Russ Crans & Walter M. "Dick" Culbert Page 19
  • The area around Camp Lucky Strike, France - P.O.W. sign and Saint Valery Page 20
  • Unknown P.O.W.s, Walter M. "Dick" Culbert & Bud Walton Page 21

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