Wyoming Battle & Massacre Participants


Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
By: Henry Blackman Plumb, 1885, 498 pp.
Robert Baur, Printer and Stationer, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Website Compiled By: James H. Culbert

3 JULY 1778, pp. 104-108, 164-165

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Note: This table is compiled from two lists in Plumb's book of the men, as far as can be recollected, who were killed in or who escaped during the Wyoming Battle and Massacre of 3 July, 1778. Those who were resident landowners of Hanover, and generally over the age of 21 at that time, are also shown with a " * ", including those residents not involved in the battle or massacre because they were too old, too sick, had no firearms, or were absent from the valley at that time.

ABBOTT, JohnPrivateescaped
ACKE, ?Privatekilled
ALEXANDER, Robert *  resident
ASBIE, George * resident
ATHERTON, A.Lieutenantkilled
ATHERTON, JabezPrivatekilled
AVERY, Christopher +Privatekilled
BALDWIN, GideonPrivateescaped
BATES, RobertPrivatekilled
BEACH, ZerahPrivateescaped
BEERS, JabezPrivatekilled
BENEDICT, A.Privatekilled
BENEDICT, SilasPrivatekilled
BENNETT, Rufus * #Privateescaped
BENNETT, Solomon +Privateescaped
BIDLACK, James, Jr. +Captainkilled
BIDLACK, StephenPrivatekilled
BIGFORD, Jeremiah * #Ensignkilled
BIGFORD, Samuel * #Privatekilled
BIGSBEE, DavidPrivatekilled
BIGSBEE, ElishaPrivatekilled
BLACKMAN, Elisha +Privateescaped
BOOTH, Gideon, Jr. * #  resident
BOWEN, StoddardLieutenantkilled
BOYD, JohnPrivatekilled
BROWN, JohnPrivatekilled
BROWN, Thomas +Privatekilled
BUCK, AholiahCaptainkilled
BUCK, WilliamPrivatekilled
BUDD, JosephPrivatekilled
BULLOCK, AmosPrivatekilled
BULLOCK, AsaPrivatekilled
BURRITT, Gideon * #  resident
BURRITT, Peleg * #  resident
(too old)
BURRITT, Stephen * # resident
BUSH, HenryPrivatekilled
BUTLER, ZebulonColonelescaped
CALDWELL, John *Privatekilled
CAMPBELL, Isaac *Privatekilled
CAMPBELL, JamesPrivatekilled
CAREY, NathanPrivateescaped
CAREY, Samuel + 1Privateescaped
CAREY, Samuel 1Privatekilled
CARMEN, JosiahPrivatekilled
CHAPMAN, Asa * # resident
CHURCH, JoelPrivatekilled
COE, ? * #Privatekilled
COE, ? * #Privateescaped
COFFRIN, James *Privatekilled
COFFRIN, William *Privatekilled
COLE, Samuel +Privatekilled
COLEMAN, John *  resident
COMSTOCK, KingsleyPrivatekilled
COMSTOCK, RobertPrivatekilled
(one of 3 brothers)
(one of 3 brothers)
(one of 3 brothers)
COOPER, GeorgePrivateescaped
COREY, AnsonPrivatekilled
COREY, Jenks or Janks * #Privatekilled
COREY, Jonathan * #  resident
COREY, JosephPrivatekilled
COREY, RufusPrivatekilled
CORTRIGHT, ChristopherPrivatekilled
CORTRIGHT, JohnPrivatekilled
CROOKER, Joseph *Privatekilled
CROOKER, SamuelPrivatekilled
DANA, AndersonPrivatekilled
DARLING, JabezPrivatekilled
DAVENPORT, ConradPrivatekilled
DENNISON, NathanColonelescaped
DENTON, D.Privatekilled
DIVINE, JamesPrivatekilled
DORRANCE, GeorgeLieutenant Colonelkilled
DOWNING, Daniel +Ensignescaped
DOWNING, GeorgePrivatekilled
DUNN, LeviPrivatekilled
DUNN, WilliamPrivatekilled
DURKEE, RobertCaptainkilled
DUTCHER, ?Privatekilled
ELLIOT, Joseph +Privateescaped
EWINGS, John *  resident
FINCH, BenjaminPrivatekilled
FINCH, DanielPrivatekilled
FINCH, JohnPrivatekilled
FINCH, SamuelPrivateescaped
FISH, Elisha +Privatekilled
FISH, Jabez +Ensignescaped
FITCHET, CorneliusPrivatekilled
FOLLET, EliphaletPrivatekilled
FORSMAN, HughPrivateescaped
FOXEN, ThomasPrivatekilled
FRANKLIN, Arnold * #Privateescaped
FRANKLIN, John * #Privatekilled
FRANKLIN, Jonathan * #Privatekilled
FRANKLIN, Rosewell * #Privateescaped
FULLER, StephenPrivatekilled
FULLER, Thomas 1Privateescaped
FULLER, Thomas + 1Privatekilled
GARDNER, ?Privatekilled
GARRETT, JohnMajorkilled
GARRETT, John +Privateescaped
GATES, ?Sergeantescaped
GAYLORD, AaronLieutenantkilled
GEER, RezinCaptainkilled
GORE, AsaEnsignkilled
GORE, DanielLieutenantescaped
GORE, GeorgePrivatekilled
GORE, SamuelPrivateescaped
GORE, Silas * #Ensignkilled
GRAHAM, William *  resident
GREEN, ?Privatekilled
GREEN, JamesPrivateescaped
GUSTIN, LemuelPrivateescaped
HAGAMAN, ? *  resident
(too old)
HALDRON, Jacob * #Privateescaped
HAMMER, WilliamPrivatekilled
HAMMOND, LebbeusPrivateescaped
HARRIS, ElishaPrivateescaped
HARVEY, SilasPrivatekilled
HATCH, BenjaminPrivatekilled
HEWITT, DanielPrivateescaped
HEWITT, DethickCaptainkilled
HIBBARD, Cyprean * #Privatekilled
HIBBARD, Ebenezer * #Privateescaped
HIBBARD, William * #Privateescaped
HICKS, LeviPrivatekilled
HINMAN, Titus * #Ensignkilled
HOLLENBACK, MatthiasEnsignescaped
HOPKINS, James * #Privatekilled
HOWARD, NathanielPrivatekilled
HOWE, TimothyLieutenantescaped
HURLBUT, Christopher * #   resident
HUTCHINS, JohnPrivatekilled
HUTCHINSON, Samuel +Privatekilled
INMAN, David * #Privateescaped
INMAN, Elijah * #Privatekilled
INMAN, Elijah, Sr. * #  resident
(too old)
INMAN, Isaac * #  resident
(no gun)
INMAN, Israel * #Privatekilled
INMAN, John * #  resident
(no gun)
INMAN, Richard * #Privateescaped
JACKSON, SamuelPrivatekilled
JACKSON, William *  resident
(too old)
JAMESON, Alexander * #   resident
JAMESON, John * #Privateescaped
JAMESON, Joseph * #   resident
JAMESON, Robert, Jr. * #Privatekilled
JAMESON, Robert, Sr. * #  resident
(too old)
JAMESON, William * #Privateescaped
JENNINGS, JosephPrivatekilled
JOHNSON, HenryPrivatekilled
JONES, Thomas *   resident
JONES, William *Privatekilled
LANDON, JoshPrivatekilled
LAROSE, JacobPrivatekilled
LASLEY, James *   resident
(too old)
LAWRENCE, DanielPrivatekilled
LAWRENCE, RufusPrivatekilled
LAWRENCE, WilliamPrivatekilled
LEDYARD, FrancisPrivatekilled
LESTER, Edward *   resident
LESTER, William *Privatekilled
LICKERS, HenryPrivateescaped
LINE, Conrad, Sr. *   resident
(too old)
LOCK, JamesPrivatekilled
LOWE, ConradPrivatekilled
LYONS, Asa *   resident
MANVIL, NicolasPrivatekilled
MARSHALL, JobPrivatekilled
MATHEWSON, NeroPrivatekilled
MCCARTEE, C.Privatekilled
MCINTIRE, RobertPrivatekilled
MCKARRICAN, William * #Captainkilled
MCMULLEN, Daniel +Privateescaped
MEELEMAN, A.Privatekilled
MILLARD, AndrewPrivatekilled
MORSE or MORRIS, Joseph * #Privateescaped
MULLEN, M.Privateescaped
MURPHY, JohnPrivatekilled
NEIL or NEILL/NEAL, Thomas *Privateescaped
OGDEN, JosephPrivatekilled
OTIS, JohnEnsignkilled
OTIS, JonathanPrivatekilled
OWEN, DanielPrivateescaped
PALMER, AbelPrivatekilled
PARKE, SilasPrivatekilled
PARKER, WilliamPrivatekilled
PELL, Josiah, Jr. *Privateescaped
PELL, Josiah, Sr. *   resident
(too old)
PENCIL, HenryPrivatekilled
PETTEBONE, Noah, Jr.Privatekilled
PIERCE, JohnPrivatekilled
PIERCE, PhineasPrivateescaped
PIERCE, TimothyLieutenantkilled
PIKE, AbrahamPrivateescaped
PORTER, Thomas +Privateescaped
PRINCE, Gershom
RANSOM, SamuelCaptainkilled
REYNOLDS, ChristopherPrivatekilled
RICHARDS, ElishaPrivatekilled
ROBERTS, EliasPrivatekilled
ROBINSON, John *   resident
ROCKWAY, EnosPrivatekilled
ROSE, TimothyPrivatekilled
ROSS, JeremiahPrivatekilled
ROSS, PerrinLieutenantkilled
SEARLE, ConstantPrivatekilled
SEARLE, RogerPrivateescaped
SEELEY, AbelPrivatekilled
SHAW, AbrahamPrivatekilled
SHAW, JamesPrivatekilled
SHAW, JosephPrivatekilled
SHOEMAKER, ElijahLieutenantkilled
SKINNER, John N.Privateescaped
SLOCUM, Giles +Privateescaped
SPAFFORD, Darius +Privatekilled
SPAFFORD, Phineas +Sergeantescaped
SPENCER, Caleb * #   resident
(too old)
SPENCER, Edward * #Privateescaped
SPENCER, James * #Privatekilled
SPENCER, Josiah * #Privatekilled
SPENCER, Levi * #Privatekilled
SPENCER, Walter * #Privateescaped
SPRAGUE, Eleazer +Privatekilled
STAPLES, JosephPrivatekilled
STAPLES, ReubenPrivatekilled
STARK, AaronPrivatekilled
STARK, DanielPrivatekilled
STARK, JamesPrivateescaped
STEPHENS, Asa +Lieutenantkilled
STEVENS, RufusPrivatekilled
STEVENSON, JamesPrivatekilled
STEWART, Lazarus *Captainkilled
STEWART, Lazarus, Jr. *Lieutenantkilled
STEWART, William *   resident
STROPE, SebastianPrivateescaped
SWEDE, NailerPrivatekilled
TRUESDALE, Gamaliel 2Privatekilled
TUTTLE, IchabodPrivatekilled
TWIESDALE, Gamaliel 2Privateescaped
VAN WEE, JohnPrivatekilled
VANGORDER, AbramPrivatekilled
WADE, Nathan * #Privatekilled
WARD, JohnPrivatekilled
WASHBURN, DanielPrivateescaped
WATERMAN, FlaviusLieutenantkilled
WATERS, ElihuPrivatekilled
WEEKS, Bartholomew +Privatekilled
WEEKS, Jonathan +Privatekilled
WEEKS, Philip +Privatekilled
WELLES, JamesLieutenantkilled
WHEELER, Peter +Privatekilled
WEST, EliezerPrivateescaped
WESTBROOK, CherrickPrivateescaped
WHITE, WilliamEnsignkilled
WHITON, StephenPrivatekilled
WHITTLESEY, AsaphCaptainkilled
WICKERSHAM, Ebenezer *   resident
WIGHTON, James +Privatekilled
WIGTON, Thomas * #   resident
WILCOX, EsenPrivatekilled
WILLIAMS, AzibahPrivatekilled
WILLIAMS, Elihu, Jr.Privatekilled
WILLIAMS, John +Privatekilled
WILLIAMS, RufusPrivatekilled
WILSON, JohnPrivatekilled
WILSON, ParkerPrivatekilled
WOODWARD, WilliamPrivatekilled
YALE, OziasPrivatekilled
YOUNG, David *   resident
YOUNG, Robert *   resident
YOUNG, William * #Privateescaped


* Those from Hanover - 27 killed, 17 escaped and 33 other residents.  On the list on pp. 164-165, Joseph CROOKER is not shown as being from Hanover.

+ Those who Elisha BLACKMAN remembered as being in his company from lower Wilkes-Barre, commanded by Captain James BIDLACK, Jr., or were known from other sources [e.g. Charles Miner's description of the BLACKMAN Family in his 1845 book, History of Wyoming].

# Those from Hanover who were originally from New England.

1 Samuel CAREY and Thomas FULLER are both shown twice on two separate lists, but noted as killed on one and as escaped on the other.  It is not known if one of each of these entries for each man is an error, or if there were actually two sets of men with the same names and ranks who experienced different outcomes.

2 Gamaliel TRUESDALE and Gamaliel TWIESDALE appear on separate lists, but appear to be the same person.  The 1833 monument erected in Wilkes Barre, PA honoring those killed bears the name, Gamaliel TRUESDALE.  However, I have information from a researcher that Gamaliel actually escaped to Warwick, PA, and later returned to Wilkes-Barre, where he died of the measles.  His escape is also supported by evidence that Gamaliel TRUESDALE was witness to the will of Joseph WALLING, of Hardiston Twp., Sussex Co., NJ on 24 May 1779 [NJ State Archives, lst 8, XXXIV, 5].

Other Notes:

Colonel WRIGHT, in his Sketches of Plymouth, says that he carefully wrote down in 1837 the narrative of Samuel FINCH, who was one of the survivors.  Mr. FINCH told him that he and another soldier were stationed at the gateway of Forty Fort by Colonel BUTLER to count the men as they passed out to battle, and that they counted 484 men.  If the ratio of those who escaped to those killed in Captain BIDLACK's company was the same throughout, then we would expect to see about 104 escaped and 380 killed.  Charles Miner, in his 1845 book, History of Wyoming, says that 140 escaped.  Only 61 are shown above as escaped, with 179 men killed.  The conclusion to be drawn is that all of the known lists are incomplete as to the names of those involved in the battle and massacre.

Of the 19 men who drew lots in the Second Division of Hanover on 8 Jun 1776, only five appear on the above list as being from Hanover, namely Silas GORE, Elijah INMAN, Capt. Lazarus STEWART, Lieut. Lazarus STEWART, Jr., and William YOUNG.  It is very likely that more of the men who drew lots June 1776 were also in the July 1778 battle, and must have been killed, for their names are not found anywhere thereafter.

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