Hanover Civil War Soldiers


Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
By: Henry Blackman Plumb, 1885, 498 pp.
Robert Baur, Printer and Stationer, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Website Compiled By: James H. Culbert

IN THE U. S. ARMY DURING THE CIVIL WAR 1861-1865, pp. 314 - 317

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President Lincoln called for volunteers to suppress the rebellion in 1861.  Those who responded enlisted for a term of three years, and generally stayed in the war until its end by re-enlisting in the field at the end of their first term of service.  Those who did so are noted below with the letters "RF" after their names.  Those who returned home and later re-enlisted have the letters "RH" after their names.

The first men who enlisted were volunteers who offered their services at the call of their government.  In the Fall of 1862, the State ordered a draft of men for nine months service.  Many of those drafted enlisted at once for three years' service in the 143rd regiment, then at Camp Luzerne in Kingston Township.  The others who were drafted went into the army.  Other drafts of men were made under United States government authority in the Fall 1863, Spring 1864, Fall 1864, and Spring 1865, this last as the war ended.  In addition, when the Confederate army invaded Pennsylvania in 1862 and 1863, the governor each time called on the men of the State to assist in the defense of its soil.  In each of these cases they responded by the thousands.  They were uniformed, armed, and equipped, and served just like any other volunteers until they were discharged.

There were a large number of foreigners in Hanover, and many of them were not naturalized.  Thus, they could claim an exemption from military service.  In 1860, the population being 1,623, there was about one soldier per twelve inhabitants.

All of the men listed below either received an honorable discharge, were killed, or died in the service.  Ten were killed in battle, eighteen were wounded in battle and recovered, and eleven died from sickness, exposure, over-exertion, hardships, accidents, or from injuries other than those received in battle.  Those wounded are marked with a "*", those who were killed with a "+", and those who otherwise died while in service with a "#".

The author, H. B. Plumb, went to great lengths to collect this information, and stated in his book that he believed it to be absolutely correct.

AIRGOOD, David M. - 18th PA Cavalry

AIRGOOD, Thomas - * RF 52nd PA Infantry

AIRGOOD, William - * 112th PA Artillery

ALBERT, Sidney - * RF 52nd PA Infantry

ALEXANDER, Eugene N. - 41st PA Infantry

ALEXANDER, John W. - 41st PA Infantry

ALGEIER, John W. - unknown

ALLEN, John C. P. (colored) - unknown

BATES, William A. - 58th PA Infantry

BEELS, Jameson - * RF 7th PA Reserves

BEELS, William - * RF 61st PA Infantry

BLACK, James - 18th PA Cavalry

BLODGET, Henry H. - # unknown

BLODGET, James - 41st PA Infantry

BOICE, Oliver - 203rd PA Infantry

CARROLL, Patrick - 58th PA Infantry

CLARK, John - RF 81st PA Cavalry

COLBURN, Erastus W. - 203rd PA Infantry

COLBURN, John W. - RH 3rd PA Artillery

COX, Stewart - 143rd PA Infantry

COYLE, John - 41st PA Infantry

COYLE, Michael - 41st PA Infantry

CRAIG, Daniel - 143rd PA Infantry

CROOP, William - 41st PA Infantry

CYPHERS, Philip - 9th NJ Infantry

DAVIS, David - * 143rd PA Infantry

DELANEY, John - 9th PA Cavalry

DENNIS, Smith - * 143rd PA Infantry

DETERICK, George - * 203rd PA Infantry

DILLEY, Avery - # 143rd PA Infantry

DOUGHERTY, James - 203rd PA Infantry

DOWNING, John - 112th PA Artillery

DUFFY, John - * 143rd PA Infantry

DUNN, Benjamin - RF 9th PA Cavalry

DUNN, John - 187th PA Infantry

EDGERTON, Addison J. - 41st PA Infantry

EDWARDS, Emanuel - 8th U.S. Infantry

ESPY, Barnet M. - 41st PA Infantry

ESPY, Theodore - 41st PA Infantry

FETHERMAN, Abraham - 143rd PA Infantry

FREDERICK, Charles D. - 41st PA Infantry

FRITZ, Charles - 3rd PA Artillery

FRITZ, Henry - RF 9th PA Cavalry

FRITZ, Michael - + 52nd PA Infantry

GALLAGHER, John - unknown

GARRINGER, George - 52nd PA Infantry

GARRISON, Ziba - 1st PA Artillery

GEORGE, Henry - * 143rd PA Infantry

GILLMAN, John - # 52nd PA Infantry

GILLMAN, Richard - 178th PA Infantry

GLESSNER, Philip - + 12th NY Infantry

GREEN, Nathaniel - 41st PA Infantry

GREEN, Samuel - 203rd PA Infantry

GREENAWALT, Charles - 52nd PA Infantry

GREENAWALT, George - 52nd PA Infantry

GRUM, Henry - + 28th PA Infantry

HAMIL, Archibald - * 6th PA Cavalry

HELMS, Frank - * RF 9th PA Cavalry

HENDERSHOT, Albert - # 203rd PA Infantry

HOFFMAN, Silas - RH 203rd PA Infantry

HOLCOMB, Harvey, Jr. - unknown

HOLCOMB, Miles W. - 30th PA Infantry

JACQUES, Henry - 41st PA Infantry

JENNINGS, John - # 58th PA Infantry

JOHNSON, Robert H. - 178th PA Infantry

JOHNSON, William - 104th PA Infantry

KEITHLINE, Alexander - RF 9th PA Cavalry

KEITHLINE, Peter - RH 203rd PA Infantry

KEYSER, Isaiah - + 6th PA Cavalry

KEYSER, Jesse - 41st PA Infantry

KILLROY, Edward - 41st PA Infantry

KILMER, John - 41st PA Infantry

KLEINTOP, Lewis J. - * 143rd PA Infantry

LAPE, Frank - 52nd PA Infantry

LAPE, Andrew - # 9th PA Cavalry

LAPE, William H. - RF 9th PA Cavalry

LEAHR, Charles - 104th PA Infantry

LEAHR, Thomas - 143rd PA Infantry

LEARCH, Daniel - 52nd PA Infantry

LEASER, Christian - 112th PA Artillery

LEASER, Peter - 132nd PA Infantry

LINE, Cornelius V. - 41st PA Infantry

LINE, Samuel - 41st PA Infantry

LUTZ, John - RF 9th PA Cavalry

LYDON, Charles - 3rd PA Artillery

LYNCH, Thomas - 9th PA Cavalry

MARCY, Cyrus A. - 20th IL Infantry

MARCY, Henry B. - + RF 11th PA Cavalry

MCCLUSKY, Thomas - 9th PA Cavalry

MCCORMICK, Peter - unknown

MCGINNIS, Michael - 143rd PA Infantry

MENSCH, Henry - 41st PA Infantry

METCALF, John - * 203rd PA Infantry

METCALF, Rowland R. - 41st PA Infantry

MILLER, Simon - 178th PA Infantry

MINNICH, Samuel - 28th PA Infantry

MURPHY, Charles - + 52nd PA Infantry

MYERS, John - * 143rd PA Infantry

MYERS, Michael - 143rd PA Infantry

NEED, William - 81st PA Infantry

NEUHART, John S. - 41st PA Infantry

NYHART, John - 203rd PA Infantry

NYHART, William H. - RF 50th NY E.

O'BRIEN, Joseph - 187th PA Infantry

PAINE, William - 52nd PA Infantry

PALMER, Edward G. - + 143rd PA Infantry

PARSONS, Sextus - RH 203rd PA Infantry

PETTY, James - 52nd PA Infantry

PLUMB, Henry B. - 30th PA Infantry

PUTERBAUGH, Henry - * 143rd PA Infantry

RASELY, Charles - RH 178th PA Infantry

REILLEY, Cornelius - RF 9th PA Cavalry

REILLEY, John - RF 9th PA Cavalry

REILLEY, Michael - RF 9th PA Cavalry, Captain

REISTER, William - 5th PA Artillery

RIMER, Levi - * 143rd PA Infantry

RINEHIMER, Daniel - 197th PA Infantry

RINEHIMER, John, 2nd - 41st PA Infantry

RYAN, John - + 9th PA Cavalry

SAUM, John - * 143rd PA Infantry

SCHAPPERT, Jacob - 178th PA Infantry

SCOTT, John - # 9th PA Cavalry

SEIPE, Frederick - + 61st PA Infantry

SHOEMAKER, Simon - # 9th PA Cavalry

SIMS, George W. - 41st PA Infantry

SIMS, Robert - 6th PA Cavalry

SORBER, Andrew - 178th PA Infantry

STIVERS, Chester B. - RF 61st PA Infantry

STULTZ, Philip - unknown

TIERNEY, James - # 9th PA Cavalry

TIMS, Jacob - 3rd PA Artillery

VAN CAMPEN, George - # 52nd PA Infantry

VAN CAMPEN, Moses - 178th PA Infantry

WILLIAMSON, Hugh - + 52nd PA Infantry

WOLF, Philip - # 3rd PA Artillery

WOMELSDORF, Jonathan - 30th PA Infantry

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