The LEE Family


Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
By: Henry Blackman Plumb, 1885, 498 pp.
Robert Baur, Printer and Stationer, Wilkes-Barre, PA

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Captain Andrew LEE 1 was born in Lancaster County, now Dauphin, in 1739; was one of the "Paxtang Boys;" served as a captain of dragoons during the Revolutionary War; was noted for his services as a partisan officer during that war; was taken prisoner by the British and confined in a hulk in New York harbor; after the peace of 1783 he returned to Lancaster County; married Priscilla ESPY, widow of James STEWART, brother of Capt. Lazarus STEWART; removed to Harrisburg, and in 1804 removed to Hanover; resided on the river bank at the mouth of Nanticoke Creek, a half mile above Nanticoke Falls; died there in 1821.  They had:

Col. Washington LEE 2 (Andrew 1) was born in Harrisburg in 1786; was an officer in the United States Army; served through the War of 1812 as a paymaster; married Elizabeth CAMPBELL; removed to Nanticoke in 1817; lived at the homestead on the bank of the Susquehanna about a half mile from the "falls" (afterwards the Nanticoke dam); was engaged in iron making on the Newport branch of Nanticoke Creek before the canal was built, and afterwards in coal mining for many years; removed to Wilkes-Barre in 1869; died there without issue in 1871.

James S. LEE 2 (Andrew 1) was born in Harrisburg in 1789; came to Hanover with his father's family in 1804; married Martha CAMPBELL; lived on the River Road about a mile above Nanticoke, near the Nanticoke Creek (LEE's Creek); died there in 1850.  They had:

Andrew LEE 3 (James 2, Andrew 1) was born in Hanover in 1815; married Sarah Jane BUCKHOUT; lived in Nanticoke and in Wilkes-Barre; died in Wilkes-Barre in 1882.  They had: Washington LEE 3 (James 2, Andrew 1) was born in Hanover in 1821; married Emily THOMAS; lived in Wilkes-Barre and in New York City; died in New York in 1883.  They had:

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