The First Officers of Westmoreland


Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
By: Henry Blackman Plumb, 1885, 498 pp.
Robert Baur, Printer and Stationer, Wilkes-Barre, PA

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Note: Additions to the information found in Plumb's History of Hanover are shown below in red text.

The town meeting held to elect officers was the first held for the town of Westmoreland.  It was convened on 1 March 1774, then adjourned until the following day after Zebulon BUTLER was chosen as moderator for the meeting and Ezekiel PRICE was chosen as town clerk.

This meeting called together all of the free men of all the townships and settlements from the Delaware River to 15 miles west of the Susquehanna River, and north to Tioga point (Athens [in 1885]).  At this meeting the town was divided into districts as follows: Wilkes-Barre; Hanover (from Wilkes-Barre south and west along the Susquehanna River, and east on the Lehigh River); Plymouth (all land west of the Susquehanna River for 15 miles); Kingston (with land west to the town line); Pittston; North (including Exeter, Providence and all land west and north to the town line); Lackaway (including the Lackaway settlement, Blooming Grove, and Sheolah - mostly on the Lackawaxen River in Pike Co. [in 1885]); East (including Coshutunk, and all settlements on the Delaware).

A second town meeting was held in April.  At that time, two hundred and six persons took the Freeman's oath, as required by law.  A tax was established to purchase ammunition for the town, and other necessities.  A town sign post was established, which was a tree on the bank of the Susquehanna River at Wilkes-Barre.  This was a legal necessity for the the advertisement of legal and public notices.  It was also the place for holding town meetings and elections.

An enumeration of the town of Westmoreland made in 1774 found 1,922 inhabitants, with about 210-215 in the District of Hanover.

The following men were chosen at the first meeting to serve the town of Westmoreland in the capacities shown.

ABBOTT, John - Fence Viewer

ADAMS, Noah - Constable and Collector of Rates

AINSLEY, John - Surveyor of Highways

AVERY, Christopher - Select Man

BAKER, John - Fence Viewer

BALDWIN, Gideon - Lister (Assessor?)

BALDWIN, Isaac - Surveyor of Highways

BATES, Caleb - Select Man

BENNETT, Thomas - Surveyor of Highways

BINGHAM, Hezekiah - Grand Juror

BLANCHARD, Jeremiah - Lister (Assessor?) and Key Keeper

BROWN, James - Tything Man

BUCK, William - Fence Viewer and Grand Juror

BUTLER, Zebulon - Town Treasurer

CARY, Barnabas - Grand Juror

CHAPMAN, Uriah - Lister (Assessor?)

CHIMER, Anthony - Surveyor of Highways

CHURCH, Elias - Grand Juror

CLARK, Phineas - Constable and Collector of Rates and Lister (Assessor?)

CONSAWLER, Emanuel - Lister (Assessor?)

DANA, Anderson - Surveyor of Highways and Lister (Assessor?)

DENISON, Nathan - Fence Viewer

DEWITT, John - Surveyor of Highways

EVELAND, Frederick - Fence Viewer

FISH, Jabez - Key Keeper

FOLLET, Eliphalet - Lister (Assessor?)

FRANKLIN, John - Grand Juror

FRANKLIN, Rosewell - Select Man

GARDNER, John - Fence Viewer

GAYLORD, Charles - Fence Viewer

GAYLORD, Justice - Tything Man

GORE, Daniel - Surveyor of Highways, Lister (Assessor?) and Key Keeper

GORE, Captain Obadiah - Sealer of Weights and Measures

GORE, Silas - Lister (Assessor?)

HARDING, Abraham - Fence Viewer

HARDING, Lemuel - Grand Juror

HARVEY, Benjamin - Surveyor of Highways

HASKEL, Jonathan - Constable and Collector of Rates and Key Keeper

HEATH, Thomas - Grand Juror and Key Keeper

HIBBARD, Ebenezer - Leather Sealer

HIBBARD, William - Surveyor of Highways

HIBBARD, Zipron - Key Keeper

HOPKINS, Timothy - Tything Man

JAMISON, John - Fence Viewer

JENKINS, John - Select Man and Lister (Assessor?)

JENKINS, John, Jr. - Surveyor of Highways

KEYS, Timothy - Grand Juror

LANDON, Nathaniel - Select Man

LASTLEY, James - Surveyor of Highways

LAWRENCE, Rufus - Surveyor of Highways

NASH, Phineas - Grand Juror

PARKE, Captain Silas - Select Man, Leather Sealer and Sealer of Weights and Measures

PARKER, Jonathan - Surveyor of Highways

PARRISH, Captain - Fence Viewer

PARRISH, Isaac - Tything Man

PIERCE, Ezekiel - Fence Viewer

PIERCE, Timothy - Key Keeper

RANSOM, Samuel - Select Man and Surveyor of Highways

ROSS, Perrin - Surveyor of Highways and Lister (Assessor?)

RUSS, Abraham - Surveyor of Highways

SILL, Jabez - Grand Juror and Sealer of Weights and Measures

SLAUGHTER, Samuel - Fence Viewer

SMITH, Timothy - Constable and Collector of Rates

SMITH, William - Constable and Collector of Rates

STARK, James - Grand Juror

STEVENS, Asa - Constable and Collector of Rates

STEVENS, Uriah - Key Keeper

STEWART, Captain Lazarus - Sealer of Weights and Measures

STODDART, Thomas - Surveyor of Highways and Fence Viewer

SWETLAND, Luke - Tything Man

SWIFT, Elisha - Surveyor of Highways, Leather Sealer and Lister (Assessor?)

THOMAS, Aaron - Surveyor of Highways

THOMAS, Moses - Lister (Assessor?)

TRACY, Zavan - Surveyor of Highways and Lister (Assessor?)

VANCAMPIN, Benjamin - Surveyor of Highways

WADE, Nathan - Lister (Assessor?)

WARNER, William - Fence Viewer

WEEKS, Philip - Tything Man

WHITTLESEY, Asaph - Constable and Collector of Rates

WILLIAMS, Elihu - Tything Man

WITTER, Elisha - Surveyor of Highways

Notes: Isaac TRIPP and Lazarus STEWART were initially chosen as select men, but both refused to accept.  John JENKINS was chosen to replace TRIPP, and Rosewell FRANKLIN was chosen to replace STEWART.

Key Keeper duties were to hold the keys of the fort or block-house, the church, the school-house, and the pound.

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