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The Grocer's Encyclopedia (1911)

A Compendium Of Useful Information Concerning Foods Of All Kinds. How They Are Raised, Prepared And Marketed. How To Care For Them In The Store And Home. How Best To Use And Enjoy Them-And Other  Valuable Information For Grocers And General Storekeepers; Compiled By Artemas Ward Formerly Editor Of "The National Grocer"

Ye Olde Woburn

"Located in the rolling hills of the Northeast, about 12 miles from Boston, lies Woburn, Massachusetts.  The town is surrounded by Wilmington, Reading, Stoneham, Lexington, Winchester and Burlington. Legends abound from Woburn - from stories of the first meeting with the Indians to haunted inns, to tales about the people who once lived, worked, and died there.  Many of them are my ancestors and some may be yours as well. Let us search together..." (Toni Lasseter)