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Origins of the Cunnington name

General consensus is that the origins relate to the village names of Connington - there are two; one in Cambridgeshire and one in Huntingdonshire.
Elisabeth Cunnington published in 1976,

"History of the Wiltshire (UK) Cunningtons".

Also included are some notes from Anglo Saxon times, and these are reproduced here:


Created (1989 - 2009) : David William (Dave) Cunnington

Read Dave's story here

Dave's roots

Dave's tree is (predictably) in Family 1, which starts at Exton, Rutland.
For a map of Rutland, and pictures of Exton, look at


Earliest references

Some of the earliest UK references I have found for Cunnington family ancestors are at :



The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC)
contains details of all serving personnel who lost their lives during WWI and WWII.

Find Cunnington records extracted into a list here:


Soldier WWI

For a moving story about one of the thousands killed in WW1, please read here:



These are groups of people that might be related due to an event discovered, they may appear in other pages. They were numbered randomly as the lists were discovered and recorded.

Collating the data

At the time of development the only records available were the birth, marriage and death indexes recorded from 1837 and held at St Catherine's House. There was also others tracing their own trees and many kindly shared their information. Many of them are mentioned on their respective pages.
In UK there were Parish Records (PR) and Bishops Transcripts (BT) often used.

How to guides

To understand the terminology used through the site please read the guides here. These will assist in locating your particular branch and the links will then make more sense.

Search by Country

UK - Locations, Families, Names

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LOCATIONS I have built up family trees at many locations. These places are listed alphabetically, which will tell you which FAMILY to look at if you are researching a specific location.

North America and Canada

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A collation of data on USA/Canadian Cunningtons sorted into Families, events or "strays" for those not yet found a home:


Australia and New Zealand

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A collation of data on Australian and New Zealander Cunningtons sorted into Families, events or "strays" for those not yet found a home.


Rest of the World

- in progress

January 2022 :

I am no longer involved in genealogy.
All my Cunnington data has now been passed to Cathy Please contact her with any amendments or additions.

We wish you success with your search - please share your discoveries with us.