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Produced (1989 - 2009) by : David William (Dave) Cunnington   e mail :


I am no longer (June 2017) working this site, but I hope you find useful information therein

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For a moving story about one of the thousands killed in WW1 look at :    PORTRAIT OF A SOLDIER

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This project commenced in 1989, before databases were readily available, and is far too large to convert into gedcom or similar format. The text data is in "Families" with each Family being in one UK geographical area. You will find references in the text to "SCH" or "SCH lists"because when I started this study, all UK Birth, Marriage, and Death records were kept at St Catherines House in London. These official records are now held in the Family Record Office.

In addition to the text, I have complete Birth /Marriage / Death lists from the third quarter of 1837(1837-3Q) when records started being kept at a central location, up to end of 2001. The lists on this site are sorted alphabetically, by Christian name, and also contain many other B/M/D prior to 1837-3Q which I have collected over the years...though I am sure there are many hundreds more to add !!

My tree is (predictably) in Family 1, MY FAMILY LINE which starts at Exton,Rutland, with THOMAS born c1760, but I don't know where he was born, or who his parents were. I misguidedly thought that we Cunningtons were a small family, and a one name study would enable me to locate him!
................Nearly 20 years later I am no nearer to finding him, despite having identified in excess of 5000 males in the UK, but I'm still looking !

For a map of Rutland, and recent pictures of Exton, look at EXTON PICTURES




I have built up family trees at many locations. These places are listed alphabetically at UK LOCATIONS which will tell you which FAMILY to look at if you are researching a specific location. Within a FAM you will find several "sub parts" eg in FAM 1 there are FAM 1A to FAM 1K, and these are linked to each other within the text.

In many FAM, eg FAM 2, any stray information is noted at the start, and the trees start at FAM 2A to FAM 2J. However FAM 10 is an exception as it was a major project and you will find stray information at FAM 10, and a listing of unlinked B/M/D at FAM 10F. You will find many references from one FAM to another as people moved around - in fact,the people and/or their relatives for whom you are looking may well appear in another area.

As time has gone on, and more information has been collated, I have had to expand and renumber the Families...for example Chelsea moved from FAM 4E (part of London FAM 4) to becoming a separate FAM 107 in it's own right. I have changed the "Locations" page so that Chelsea is now noted in FAM 107, but I am concerned that there may be many unchanged references in the text to Chelsea FAM 4E, and indeed it is quite possible that this also applies to many FAM which have developed over time. I suggest that if you have difficulty finding something/somewhere from a text reference, you go to "Locations" to check that the text reference is correct. ................please contact me if you have continuing problems.

MALE Cunningtons who lived to an age at which they could have sired children are given a number in brackets after their name eg WILLIAM (1234)

MALE Cunningtons who died too young to sire children appear as: WILLIAM (===) or WILLIAM (***)

FEMALE Cunningtons are not numbered

The FAM were initially constructed using the SCH b/m/d lists and you will find text entries such as :

87-3b JOHN (1234).which means 1887 3rd quarter, birth of JOHN

1917-3b JOHN (2345) above but 1917

..............Note that in these lists a 2 digit date means 18hundreds, whereas 19hundreds are always written in full.

88-4m Mary....which means Mary married at that place in 1888 4th quarter

95-1d WILLIAM (3254)....William's death recorded here, 1895 1st quarter.

I used the letters b m and d to ensure separation of events in the lists. Outside the lists (where each event is obvious) I have usually written (for example) 1887-4Q.

In the FAMs, between the SCH lists of birth and marriage you may find entries such as : Mother Smith : 1924-1Q Ann...which means at that location Ann Cunnington was born 1924-1Q, her mothers maiden name was Smith. SCH records show the mothers maiden name on birth records post 1911/12, which is very useful in putting families together.

Finally, on the subject of the SCH lists, in many places you will find little families where for instance I have been able to tie a marriage to a maiden name, and also some children as well - but so far I have been unable to identify the parents of the married couple, and so build a more extended family.

The Birth, Marriage and Death Lists are combined and listed alphabetically by Christian name...which means you will need to consult the A list for Arthur, C list for Charles, etc. For each individual there may be entries for birth, marriage, and death (if you are lucky!) however there could be only one of the three entries. These lists are in "Landscape" format. All births have a B number, marriages an M number, and deaths a D number. Additionally, I have added (where known) details of spouse name, mothers maiden name, etc. The header row tells you what is in each column.

Christian Names "A"

Christian Names "B"

Christian Names "C"

Christian Names "D"

Christian Names "E"

Christian Names "F"

Christian Names "G"

Christian Names "H"

Christian Names "I"

Christian Names "J"

Christian Names "K"

Christian Names "L"

Christian Names "M"

Christian Names "N"

Christian Names "O"

Christian Names "PQ"

Christian Names "R"

Christian Names "S"

Christian Names "T"

Christian Names "UV"

Christian Names "W"

Christian Names "XYZ"


I have begun to collate data on USA/Canadian and Australia/NZ Cunningtons - it is very sparse, and your help would be appreciated in correcting and adding to it. Look at : NORTH AMERICA AUSTRALIA/NZ

Have you ever wondered on the origins of the name Cunnington ? I have copied what seems to me to be the answer from Elisabeth Cunningtons "History of the Wiltshire (UK)Cunningtons" published in 1976. Elisabeth also included some notes from Anglo Saxon times, and these are all reproduced at:       ORIGINS OF THE CUNNINGTON SURNAME

Some of the earliest UK references I have found for Cunnington family ancestors are at :   EARLY REFERENCES

All the information on this site is freely available to you. I ask, however,that if you have any details and information I don't, it would be gratefully received in order that I may again continue to update the site to everyone's PLEASE send it me !!

Finally, this information is all that I have. I do not possess any other files, everything has been uploaded to the site, therefore if what you are seeking is not here, I do not have it ! All this information is correct to the best of my knowledge, however in putting things together I have often made assumptions which may or may not be correct - please tell me if you know somewhere where I am wrong !

My grateful thanks go to all who have contributed over the years to the data to be found here, and the list of names is too long to keep updating ! You know who you are, and can see your data appearing on the site. Thankyou - but please keep it coming !!