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Welcome, cousins and friends!


Like everyone, we in this family are descended from a fascinating variety of people. I believe we should celebrate and honor them all, regardless of race, creed or color, religion or philosophy, whether they were rich or poor, Whig or Tory.

After all, we owe them our very existence.

The men were weavers and farmers, soldiers and sailors, blacksmiths and lawyers, planters and lumbermen. About the women we often know less. The census records usually just say, "Keeping house." Between mothering, gardening, caring for their families and neighbors, cooking and cleaning, making clothes and quilts, farming and fishing, they sometimes found a few moments to write letters, save newspaper clippings or make entries in the family Bible. They worked hard, and often died young. Traveling ever westward as new lands opened up, some went north, others headed south.

Here you will find photos, biographies, and a family database. Many thanks to all those who have shared letters, stories and photographs. This page is just the beginning and if you have conflicting data or information to share, please let me hear from you!




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Norris family of Louisiana

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Damms from Hessen to Texas 

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