My Craig County Virginia Families

My Craig County Virginia Families

Welcome to my link with Craig County. Yes that is me in the picture on my only visit to the valley of Sinking Creek. Here I am at Williams Cemetery located in Level Green. My ancestor families began to move into this area around the time of the American Revolution. The names of families still living here read like the census lists of earlier times!

I am standing between the tombstones of William and Elizabeth Duncan, who were the second generation to settle here. Prior to that, their ancestors lived in Culpepper and/or Fauquier County where they disappear into the confusion of lots of people named Duncan. Fast forwarding to the present, I couldn't help but miss this storefront along the road.

Williams cemetery is still being used and well taken care of with a chain link fence around it. The picture above left is taken from the cemetery showing it is well above the road. It actually took some investigative work to figure out how to get up there! Coming down we met a resident caring for his excellent vegetable garden grown on a property with a crumbling house. He purchased this for his gardening since it has a nice spring on it.

My other Craig County connections include Fisher, Taylor, Webb, Bane and Kirk - all early settlers of this valley. My grandfather Francis Marion Duncan left Sinking Creeking in the early 1900's, although he moved his family back at least once before settling in southern WVa.

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