Genealogy of the Cushing Family

An account of the Ancestors and Descendants of Matthew Cushing who came to America in 1638.
Researching the Cushing families of England and Ireland who emigrated to Canada and the United States
Also including the Descendants of Maurice Cushing of County Kerry, Ireland
And the Descendants of Edward Cushing of County Cork, Ireland
Plus the Descendants of Pierre Courchesne of Paris, France

"by valor and divine aid"
Photo courtesy of David Cushing,

Matthew Cushing and Nazareth Pitcher of Hingham, England
Edward Cushing of County Cork, Ireland
Maurice Cushing and Mary Duggan of County Kerry, Ireland
Pierre Foucault dit Courchesne and Perron Borde of Paris, France

Cornelius Cushing of Massachusetts
Joel Cushing and Mary Ann Severance of New Hampshire
John Cushion and Elizabeth Hurrell of England
Louis Cushion and Pemmy Baggett of Texas
William C. and Sarah Cushing of North Carolina
William H Cushing, Mary J Delehanty and Gertrude Ellen Kranich of Connecticut
William H Cushing and Almira S Munroe of Massachusetts
William Henry Cushing and Emily Larsen of Illinois
William P and Sarah W Cushing of Maine
Stephen Girard Cushing of Paris, France

Edward and Elizabeth Cushing of Carleton Forehoe, England
Edward Cushing and Mary Fish of Shipdham, England
George Frederick and Elizabeth Cushing of London, England
James Milleson Cushing of Great Yarmouth, England
John and Hester Cushing of Bermondsey, England
John Cushing and Agnes Marten of Hardingham, England
John Cushing and Elizabeth Dennis of Marlingford, England
Michael Cushen and Emily Gould of Skelton, England
Michaell Cushion and Jane Newbridge of Runham, England
Samuel and Elizabeth Cushing of Norwich, England
Thomas and Lydia Cushing of Melton, England
Thomas and Maria Cushings of Norwich, England
Thomas Cushing of Liverpool, England
Thomas Cusheon and Charlotte Elizabeth Ward
William and Mary Cushing of Tibenham, England
William Cushing of Beccles, England

Frank and Hannah Cushing of Vermont
James Cushing and Mary Foley of Ireland
Michael Cushing and Mary Shinnick of County Cork, Ireland
Patrick Cushing and Mary Woods of County Cork, Ireland

Cardinal Richard James Cushing 1895
Edward J. Cushnaghan and Mary Cullen of County Antrim, Ireland
James W. Cushing and Ellen Riley of County Clare, Ireland
Lucius Cushing and Margaret Finnell of County Clare, Ireland
Simon Cushing of County Clare, Ireland
John Cushen and Mary Walsh of County Clare, Ireland
James Cushing and Julia Sheehan of County Cork, Ireland
James Cushion and Bridget Foley of County Cork, Ireland
Robert Cushen and Susan Shipley of County Cork, Ireland
Thomas Cushan and Ellen Callahan of County Cork, Ireland
Thomas and Ann Cushen of Wales
John and Helena Cussen of County Kerry, Ireland
Maurice Cussen and Catherine Carmody of County Kerry, Ireland
Sylvester Cushion and Anastatia Wall of County Kilkenny, Ireland
Dennis Cussen and Catherine Casey of County Limerick, Ireland
Edmond Cussen and Mary Ryan of County Limerick, Ireland
Edward Cushing of County Limerick, Ireland
Edward Cushing and Mary McMahon of County Limerick, Ireland
John Cushing and Elizabeth Kelly of County Limerick, Ireland
John J. Cussen and Alice McCarthy of County Limerick, Ireland
Michael Cushen, Joanna Lane and Ellen Kehoe of County Limerick
Robert Cussen and Ellen Corbett of County Limerick, Ireland
Henry Cushing and Johana Riley of County Tipperary, Ireland
James C. and Honora Cushing of County Tipperary, Ireland
Maurice Cushing and Honora Diggins of County Tipperary, Ireland
Maurice Cushing and Bridget Donohue of County Tipperary, Ireland
Edward Cushen and Mary Whelan of County Wexford, Ireland
Daniel Cushing and Jane Welsh of New York
Edward Cushing and Elizabeth Anne Mullen of New York
Elijah Cushen and Jane Sparks Brock of Alabama
George and Mary Cushing of New York
Henry and Hannah Cushing of South Dakota
James Cushing and Mary Ellen Lillis of Iowa
James Joseph Cushing and Bridget Adelia Keating of Illinois
James and Maggey Cushing of New York
John and Ann Cushing of Kentucky
John and Ellen Cushing of Missouri
John and Mary Cushing of New York
Lawrence Cushing and Mary Londerigan of New York
Michael Cushen and Ann Hayes of New Jersey
Michael and Margaret A. Cushing of Kansas
Michael Cushion and Catherine (Catrina) Welch of New York
Michael (Mikel) Cushing and Mary O'Conner of New York
Michael and Alice Cushing of Ohio
Michael Cushing and Mary Barry of Alabama
Michael Cushing and Mary Gardner of Missouri
Michael Cushing and Mary Townsend of Massachusetts
Michael Cushing and Mary Callahan of New York
Patrick and Maria Cushing of Missouri
Patrick Cushing and Catherine Fitzpatrick of New Jersey
Patrick Cushing and Catharine McDonald of New York
Patrick M. and Elizabeth Cushing of Pennsylvania
Paul and Elizabeth Cussen of Ohio
Thomas Cushing and Margaret Madden of California
Thomas and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Cushing of Wisconsin
Timothy Cushing and Ellen Fahey of Rhode Island
George and Catherine Cushing of Quebec, Canada
Richard and Sarah Cushion of New Brunswick, Canada
Thomas Cushing and Margaret Murphy of Ontario, Canada
James Patrick Cussan and Elizabeth Markham of Australia

Abraham Cushing and Rochel Tetewsky of Russia
David Cushing and Fannie Cohen of Russia
Edman Cushing and Jennis Jans of Holland
Isaac James Cushing and Elizabeth Langsdale of Holland
John Cushing and Augusta Epmeier of Germany
Samuel and Bessie Cushing of Russia
Samuel and Stella Cushing of Czechoslovakia
Joseph C Cushing and Paula Moore and Beatrice Jaffe of Poland
Thomas Cushing and Miraha Neiman of Poland

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