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What's this all about?

In my years of research & talking with thousands of other genealogists, I have run across several folks with amazing stories to tell regarding what they believe to be guidance from above in their search for their ancestors. I, myself, have some amazing stories of my own to tell! But, until now, there has been nowhere to tell them! It is my belief & that of many others that our ancestors and long-dead cousins want to be remembered and will aid when & how they can to make sure that we genealogists run across the information we need, and also aid us in properly interpreting it. Whether you think this is nuts really doesn't matter, but it is my belief that a forum should be available for discussions of this type. If nothing else, it will make for interesting reading!  So with this in mind, I decided to create such a forum. Many thanks are due to Pam Carey Durstock at GenConnect at Rootsweb who didn't think I was nuts but found the idea intriguing.  Without her, this forum would not exist.

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What kind of stuff can I post?

The rules for this forum are simple.  This is not a forum for discussing whether or not you believe in life-after-death, angels, or a divine creator.  There will be no arguements over who's God is the real God.  In fact, this forum in not for discussion of any type.  It's a story-telling forum, and all I ask is that you tell true stories only!  There will also be no comments in reply to a posted story claiming it to be false, such as "Oh, I don't believe that!" or "You're just making that up!"  Positive and encouraging comments are allowed, such as "How exciting that must have been!" or "I know how you must have felt."  Let's keep this thing upbeat and help genealogists maintain our reputation as a good and helpful group of folks.  Comments that I find offensive or inappropriate will be deleted without notice!  If you'd like to remain anonymous, that is up to you.  I won't be offended if you enter in a false name & email address.  I understand that this is a controversial and personal subject & some may prefer to keep their identities private.  With that said, let's go to

The Divine Guidance Forum

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