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Creamer and Mabee Families



BIOGRAPHY:  Asahel Wilkinson was born in Harrison County, Va., on September 16, 1776.  Nature had destined him for a hunter, as was seen by his constant trips to the woods in search of game.  When quite young he was married to Charity Ragen.  Up to the year 1811, their union had been blessed with four children--William, Mary, Thomas and Joseph.  Making a living in Virginia was at that time a difficult task, and the outlook for the future was dark and gloomy.  "Go to Ohio," was the favorite cry of the Virginians, and a number did go.  Our friend Wilkinson had discussed the advisability of leaving his native soil for a new home in the Northwest, with his better-half.  Visions of a home and luxury in the beautiful Ohio forests flitted before him, while the barren hills of Virginia promised only poverty and desolation for the future.  In 1811, he came to a decision, and, accompanied by his family and several neighboring families, started on his journey.
    A few days before they commenced their journey, one of their neighbors, who, with his family, intended to accompany them, became deranged with the thought that they would come to want in their new home.  His insanity became violent, and, in the dead of the night, he murdered his wife and nine children.  This did not deter the others, and, on the appointed day, they started, riding on pack-horses.  Several of the saddles used on this occasion are still in the possession of Wilkinson's descendents.
    When they came to Ohio the families separated, Wilkinson coming to this county.  He entered 260 acres of Section 14, in what is now called Adams Township, paying for the land with the proceeds obtained through the sale of furs.  Of the four children who came with him, three have gone on that long journey from whence no traveler returns.  Joseph, the only surviving one, lives at Mechanicsburg, in this county.  Henry H., born April 2, 1813, was the first white child born in the township.
    Mrs. Wilkinson died in 1819, and, in 1821, Wilkinson married Nancy James.  Of the first marriage, but two children, Joseph and Betsey (now Mr.s Cisco), are living, the latter just north of Careysville.  From the second union, Asahel and James remain, both owning extensive farms in the township.  During the first years of the township organization, Wilkinson was elected Constable.  This position he held for fourteen years.  By his death, which occurred Februrary 23, 1861, Adams Township was bereft of her first settler and one of her mosst influential citizens.


BIOGRAPHY: Marie Fox [email protected] says this wife's name was JOHNSON.