Karen Creamer's Genealogy - ckcn207 - Generated by Ancestral Quest

Creamer and Mabee Families



BIOGRAPHY: Family info gathered from "Abstracts of Lancaster County Pa. Wills 1786 - 1820 page 70. Ex. were Joseph Boumberger and Martin Thomas in Lebanon Twp. Probated 31 July 1786.


BIOGRAPHY: Family members taken from "Abstracts of Lancaster County PA. Wills 1737 - 1785", ex. John Gingerich, John Shank and Christian Bambarger of Warwick Twp. probated 7 Mar 1769, page 80.

BIOGRAPHY: Gingerich Graveyard located in Penn Twp. west of Penryn Rd., North of Oak Lane.
Gingrich Graveyard located North side of E. High St. opposite side of road from elementary school Elizabethtown Borough.