Goody Family Tree - Archer, Argent, Hemmings, Lock, Root, Siggins, Suckling, Ward, Stepney, London, Halstead, Essex, UK

This is our Goody family tree

Valerie & Charles Goody
A picture of us in the Dolomites

We have created this website to display our family tree. In the process of creating this there was a rumour that the government were going to prevent anyone from viewing the General Indexes of Births, Marriages and Deaths. So work on this website stopped. We then concentrated our efforts on obtaining all the names in the records of the GOODY surname and also a large proportion of the GOODEY surname for the period since the records began in 1837 up to 1996. We have a list of both surnames because we have found that there have been many occurrences of mispelling particularly between GOODY/GOODEY. As you will find in our family history the use of both GOODY/GOODEY has occurred between parents and their children. There was one strange occurrence where on a marriage certificate the priest had spelt the groom's name as GOODEY and the groom had signed the certificate as GOODY.

We have obtained our information for our family tree from various sources, ie the family, the internet, various local authority archives and parish records. We are crosschecking all our information with the copy of the registers that we have made. Where we have queries you will find ?????? to indicate this. We will update this site as information is gained.

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Goody Family Tree

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