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to this my Books web-site.

This will contain transcriptions of various books, or parts of books, now in the public domain, that deal with genealogy. At present it is devoted to Schwenkfelder genealogy and it mainly contains the 1879 edition of The Genealogical Record of the Schwenkfelders by the Rev. Rueben Kriebel. This site also contains certain pages from A Record of the Descendants of John Ulrich Bergey... by Dr. David Bergey. It contains those pages which deal with Schwenkfelder descendants. I intend to add parts of other books which deal with Schwenkfelder descendants. I might also add transcriptions of books dealing with my Mennonite ancestry.

The home page for the Schwenkfelder web-site is here: The Schwenkfelder Descendants.

I hope you enjoy it--especially the history of some fine people.

There is a Rootsweb Mail-list for the discussion of all things concerning the Schwenkfelders. To subscribe, unsubscribe, and for information concerning the mail-list please see that web-page.

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