Genealogical Record of the Schwenkfelders 319


Abraham Hartranft, on page 31, married, second time,
Susanna Seidel, and by her left no issue. She died
December 29, 1779, in Philadelphia, with her stepson

Anna Warmer came to Pennsylvania in 1734, with her
brother Andreas Warmer (page 17), was never mar-
ried, and died December 30, 1775.

Barbara Rhinewald, recorded on page 15, was a sister
of Christopher Rhinewald (page 12).

Maria, wife of George Anders (page 4) was a sister of
George Rhinewald (page 12).

The maiden name of George Descher's wife (page 4)
was Byer or Baer.

Frederick Schœpps (page 10) was 80 years of age when
he died.

Abraham Heydrick, brother of George and Caspar Hey-
(recorded on page 11), came to Pennsylvania at
at the same time, and died single from injuries received
by falling from a cart October 16th, 1767, in his 48th

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