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Credits And Acknowledgements

There are several thank yous and a few acknowledgements that need to be made.

This web-site was created with the help of Arachnophilia versions 4 and 5, An excellent tool.

I learned a good amount about writing HTML, and other areas concerning web-pages, from a web-site created by Joe Barta. If you are considering putting up a web-site, and you haven't done it before, or you want a refresher course, go to Page Tutor. I would have hated doing this if it were not for those lessons. It's excellent for beginners.

Thanks also to the webmasters of HTML Goodies and HTML Help--they also explain CSS.

The animations on this site were provided by

Some of the graphics were provided by Media , a part of Animation Factory. Others came curtsey of software programs I have: PrintMaster versions 7 and 12, by Mindscape, and The Print Shop, version 12, by Br´┐Żderbund.

A huge thank you to Valorie Zimmerman, a fellow Rootsweb mail list administrator, who directed me to her pages, and the Rootsweb Ring, and offered them as examples for web-pages for mail lists. She told me I could "steal" anything I wanted. I appreciate that. The web-pages for my mail lists were taken, from a great degree, from her pages. The Guidelines and Tips were taken almost whole (there was some editing).

Thank you to the subscribers to the rootsweb mail-lists Freepages-Help and HTML Help, who were kind enough to tell me what mistakes, usually obvious ones, I made in html coding which I, for some reason, couldn't see but knew I made.

My gratitude, appreciation and thanks go to Eric Wolfram who looked over one of these pages (Rootsweb Administrating) and advised me on how to solve a problem I was having with HTML. It worked. And to the next, obvious question, there is no known relationship. I know, or know of, all my WOLFRAM relations: we are all descendants of my great-grandparents. Eric is not among them. If we are related the connection needs to be made in Europe. The main problem with that is the LDS Church has not microfilmed Catholic Church records in Berlin, and that's what I need.

Finally, my thanks to RootsWeb, the oldest and largest FREE genealogy for hosting this web-site.

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