Missing Digests

What do you do if you are subscribed to a Rootsweb mail list in the Digest format, and for some reason you are missing a Digest? Sometimes, for unknown reasons, they aren't delivered. Perhaps you mistakenly deleted it. Whatever the reason or cause, there is a solution. Here's what you do.

A word of warning. The Help Desk advises that this solution often does not work. In fact, it fails more often then it works. I agree with that. I've tried this proceedure several times. It has only worked a few times. This comes with no guarantees.

Here is what is supposed to work. Good luck. Follow the instructions exactly and it might work.

I have made it a tiny bit easier for those subscribed to the mail-lists that I administer. Click on one of the following links and an e-mail will appear with the Address and Subject lines filled in. And the words "get volume". All you need do is fill in the year and digest numbers in the body of the e-mail and send it. Remember, no space between the "e" of "volume" and the third digit of the year. Good luck.

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