My Family

From this page you will be able to find my family. Please look at what you want.

For seven generations of my Ahnentafel, otherwise known as an ancestor recording, see here. It has plenty of endnotes, and was created in The Master Genealogist.

For a more complete Ahnentafel, or Ancestor chart, see here. It was created in The Master Genealogist v. 6.07, and if you wish to know the sources, please ask.

For as much of my Ahnentafel as I have done, in report style, along with endnotes and bibliography, see here, as created in The Master Genealogist.

A web-site created by SecondSite that has my ancestors and their children.

My Schwenkfelder ancestry is here.

A web-site containing my Schwenkfelder relations titled A People Called Schwenkfelder created with Second Site.

A chart of the ancestors of my great-great-grandfather Jesse Schultz, is here.

A somewhat outdated narrative of Jesse's ancestry see here. With endnotes and a bibliography.

A pedigree chart of Jesse's ancestry see here. I think this is a bit difficult to read.

All of these reports and charts were created using The Master Genealogist, be it version 4.0d or any of the versions since then, except for the report showing my descent from my great-great-grandfather Jesse Schultz. That was composed wholly by me. SecondSite is an application that creates web-sites from data contained in The Master Genealogist, and I think both of these programs are excellent. You may judge for yourself. The current and absolutely final version of The Master Genealogist is verson 9.05.

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