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You will find that I am very interested in genealogy. I used to use Family Tree Maker as my genealogy program; you can find my FTM Genealogy page here.

The pages you will find indexed here are to some extent self-explanatory. The COPES Family Bible page is a transcript of the family pages of the Family Bible of my great-great-great-grandfather George Vessels COPES of Philadelphia, who, however, was born in Virginia. My ahnentafel gives a report of a few generations of my ancestors. One of my great-great-grandfathers was descendant, on all sides, from Schwenkfelders, members of a small Anabaptist sect located in southeast Pennsylvania. They emigrated to Pennsylvania in the 1730s from Silesia, then part of the Austrian Hungary empire.

I use, and I'm devoted to The Master Genealogist as my genealogical software. I also use Ultimate Family Tree, which is also an excellent piece of software. Please see my pages concerning them. I also am a Rootsweb administrator of a few mail-lists and message boards. My pages concerning that is under the heading LISTS.


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My Schwenkfelder ancestry

My ancestors

The page titled ROYAL will lead you to a family Journal Report, prepared in UFT, concerning the family of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra of England. It is a work in progress and is far from complete. My Royal pages will include much more concerning royalty and will include ancient genealogies. I worked on, and have since abandoned, the family of Herod the Great, who is perhaps best known for ordering the Massacre of the Innocents at the time of the birth of Christ.

WILLS means exactly that. I have transcriptions of several wills, most but not all of them those of ancestors.

If you find any bad links in these pages, please let me know. The HOME referred to on this page will take you to my master home page, where you will find links to all of my webpages, or at least, links to where you will find them. Within the pages of this genealogy web-site, HOME refers to this page.

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Lastly, and most importantly, I owe thanks and gratitude to certain persons without whom this web-site would not exist. I urge you to read the Acknowledgements and Credits.

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