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Henry II
Hans Bauer the younger
Abraham Clemens
John Freed Sr
Paul Fredt
Jacob Godshalck, died 1798
Bishop Jacob Hendricks Godshalk
Jan Hermans Godshalk
Jacob Heistand
Martin Kulp

On these pages you will find the transcription of Last Wills and Testaments.

The first of them is the will of King Henry II of England, in the Latin in which he wrote it. He made it in 1182, sixteen months before the death of the Young King. He did not mention his wife Eleanor in the document. She was already imprisoned for nearly eight years, and she would be "supervised" for the rest of Henry's life, although she had her freedom from the summer of 1183. It does not dispose of his lands: that had already been determined by a political settlement. What it did was to make charitable bequests to a huge number of abbeys, convents, and to the poor of his realms. He also remembered Jerusalem, where his grandfather had been king, and whose throne he had been offered. I include this will because Henry, and Eleanor, fascinate me.

The other wills are those in my family. Most of them are ancestors, and those whom are now included lived in southeastern Pennsylvania, in and around Philadelphia. They were Mennonites or Schwenkfeldians. Most of them have a good number of descendants living, and this might be of interest to them. They are to me. The documents are a reflection of the times they lived in, and most of these men were comparatively well off.

The sources are included with each will. If you find any mistake in the transcription, please let me know. I attempted to transcribe it faithfully; the spelling and punctation is as I found it.

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