Last Will and Testament of Jan Hermans Godshalk

Jan Hermans Godshalk was born 1695 and died November 1759. He was the son of my 6 great-grandparents, and elder brother of my 5 great-grandfather Herman Godshalk. The source is:
John Godshalks will (14 May 1759, probated 30 November 1759) Will Book L: 353-354, number 224, City Archives, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107. Microfilm 0021725, Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah.

The transcript of the Will read:
In the Name of God Amen. Whereas I, John Godshalks of Hatfield Township inyE County of Philadelphia Province of Pennsylvania Turner, do find myselfe Jndisposed on my Body but blefsed be God of Sound Memory & Understanding and Considering that ye Nature of my Indisposition might before long End my Natural Life, in Consideration whereof I do hereby make my last Will & Testamt. this 14th Day of May A. D. 1759 in manner & form as follows Vizt.
Impris. I Will that all my Real & personal Estate Shall be sold after my Decease by ny Executors hereinafter Named & and all my Legal Debts & funeral Charges paid by them thereafter. Item. I give & Bequeath unto my Dear Wife Helena all that Estate Goods & Chattles which was her own---her Estate before She was Married to me and which I had with her at aie Time She was Married to me & one third part of all my movables for ye only use of her & her Heirs Besides Sixty Pounds Lawful Money out of the Sale of my Real Estate and to be paid to her two years after the Sale of ye sd. my Real Estate. But in Case the sd. my Wife should Dye before ye sd. Term of Two Years, the sd. Sixty Pounds Shall Devolve to mine & her only Son Jacob hereafter mentioned & in Case of his Death without Lawful Ifsue to ye Rest of my Children in Equal Shares, or ye Heirs of their Body; and In Case she Marries again her Husband Shall or she Shall reimburse ye sd. Sixty Pounds again to my Execurs: but she is to receive & use the Jnterest thereof during her Natural Life. Item. I give & Bequeath unto ye Dutch Baptist meeting (among which I am bred & Born & to whom I Confefs myselve to belong now) the sum of five Pounds Lawful Money of Pennsylva. to be paid at twelve Months after my Decease by my Execurs: unto ye Elders thereof & by them used for ye most Charitable & Christian purposes unto or among ye sd Meeting or Denomination. All ye Residue of my Estate I give & Bequeath unto my Eight Children Namely Barbara, Alice, Ann, Catharine, Susana, Elizabeth, Magdalene, & Jacob in Equal Shares, but in manner following, that is to say, whereas my Eldest three Daughters Barbara, Alice & Ann, are married before now & at that Time Received of me in Value as Marriage Goods to ye amount of Twenty four Pounds & Eleven Shillings every one of them; Likewise every one of my five Children yet unmarried or Minors shall have the same sums of Twenty four Pounds & Eleven Shillings allowance as their Marriage Goods, whereafter Equal Division Shall be made, and my Daughter Barbara married to Henry Overhols is to have one Eights part thereof for ye use of her & ye Heirs of her Body and to be paid to her of ye first Paymts accruing of ye Sale of my Estate, And to ye Children of my Deceased Daughter Alice, Namely John Stouffer & Mary Stouffer I give & Bequeath one Eights part thereof to be Equally Divided for them after they have attained their Lawful Age But in Case one of them Dyeth before ye sd. Age ye Survivor is to have that's Moiety of ye said Eights part of their Mother, and in Case the sd my Grand Children both dye before ye sd. Age ye whole Shall Devolve again to my other Children then alive in Equal Shares, and if one or more of them is Dead to ye Ifsue of their Body. Item. I give & Bequeath one Eights part of ye sd my Estate to my Daghter Ana Married to Peter Hendricks for ye use of her & ye Heirs of her Body, and to be paid to her after or at ye first paymt. made to my Daughter Barbara abovesd. and unto my five Children yet Minors & abovenamed I give & Bequeath one Eights part of ye sd. my Estate unto every one of them or the Heirs of their Body and to be paid to them according as they attain to their Lawful Age. But if one of them Dyeth before ye sd Age her or his Share shall Devolve to ye others of my Children or the Heirs of their Body in Equal Shares as above mentioned with my two Grand Children in such case. And I do hereby make & Consitute my Dear Friends Peter Custer of Worcester Township in the County of Philada. Yeoman & Dielman Kolb of Bedmaster Township in the County of Bucks Turner Sole Executors of this my Last Will & Testamt. and grant them hereby full & ample Power to sell my Estate as afsd. to the best Advantage for my Children and to Convey a Good & Lawfull Deed unto the Purchaser or Purchasers of my Plantation or Lands wth: the appurterances & Reversions thereunto belonging to ye only use & behalf of the sd. Purchaser or Purchasers his or their Heirs & Afsigns forever in as ample & Extensive manner as I my selve had or Could do by Law or otherwise accordings to ye Several Conveyances Bounds & Limits granted to me Concerning & about ye sd Lands or Plantation now pofsefsed by me or in my Pofsefsion.
In Witnefs whereof I have to these presents as my last Will & Testamt. set my Hand & Seal the Day & Year above Written.
Jan Godshalks (SEAL)
Signed Sealed & Declared in presence of us
John Barkey
Willem Gactschalcks
Abraham Heiderich

Philada 30th Nov. 1759 Then personally appeared John Barkey & William Gotschalks two of ye Witnefses to ye foregoing Will & on their Solemn Affirmation according to Law did Declare they saw & heard John Godshalks ye Testator therein Named Sign Seal Publish & declare the same Will for & as his Last Will & Testamt. and that at ye doing thereof he was of Sound mind Memory & Understanding to the best of their Knowledge
CORAM Wm Plumsted RegE Genl.

Be it Remembered that on ye 30th Day of Novr. 1759 The last Will & Testaml. of John Godshalks deced in due form of Law was proved & Probate & Letters Testamen: were Granted to Peter Custar & Dielman Kolb sole Execurs. in ye sd Will named being Solemnly Affirmed well & Truly to Administer the Decedle. Estate & bring an Inven:t thereof into the RegE Genl. Office at Philada. at or before the 30th Day of Decem. next and Render a true accot. when Required. Given under the Seal of the said Office---- Wm. Plumsted RegE Genl.



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