The Herodian Dynasty: Family

Cappadocian Royal Family

First Generation

1. king of Cappadocia1 birth date unknown.

king of Cappadocia had the following child:

child 2 i. Glaphyra2. She married Alexander. Alexander was the son of Herod the Great and Mariamne Hasaemonean. (See Alexander for the continuation of this line.) She considered herself superior to her to all others in Herod's kingdom due to her royal blood, and her impressive genealogy. She deried Salome, the sister of Herod, and the diffeent wives of her father-in-law Herod for their ignoble genealogies.(104) She hated Salome, and she acted insolently toward her sister-in-law Bernice, Salome's daughter, because Bernice was considered her social equal. This she could not abide.(105)

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