The Herodian Dynasty: Index

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II, Mariamne (i20)
II, Mariamne (marriage to Herod the Great) (i20)


Agrippa (i40)
Agrippa (marriage to Cypros) (i40)
Alexander (i7), d.0705
Alexander (i37)
Alexander (i46)
Alexander (i51)
Alexander (marriage to Alexandra) (i7), d.0705
Alexander (marriage to Glaphyra) (i46)
Alexander Janneus (i24)
Alexandra (i8)
Alexandra (i38)
Alexandra (marriage to Alexander) (i8)
Alexas (marriage to Salome) (i19)
Antigonus (i26), d.0720
Antipas (i27)
Antipater (i5), d.0753
Antipater (i35)
Antipater (i45)
Antipater (marriage to Cypros) (i45)
Archelausking of Cappadocia (i49)
Aristobulus (i43)
Aristobulus (marriage to Bernice) (i43)
Aristobulus II (i23), d.0803
AristobulusIII (i10), d.719
Bernice (i44)
Bernice (marriage to Aristobulus) (i44)
Boethus (i22)
Cypros (i39)
Cypros (i42)
Cypros (marriage to Agrippa) (i39)
Cypros (marriage to Antipater the Idumean II) (i2)
Cypros (marriage to Antipater) (i42)
Doris (marriage to Herod the Great) (i4)
Glaphyra (i47)
Glaphyra (marriage to Alexander) (i47)


Hasaemonean, Mariamne (i6), b.0699-
Hasaemonean, Mariamne (marriage to Herod the Great) (i6), b.0699-


Herod (i36)
Herod the Great (i1), b.0684-d.0753
Herod the Great (marriage to Mariamne II) (i1), b.0684-d.0753
Herod the Great (marriage to Mariamne Hasaemonean) (i1), b.0684-d.0753
Hyrcanus II (i9)
Joseph (i12)
Joseph (i31)
Joseph (marriage to Olympias) (i31)
Malthace (marriage to Herod the Great) (i29), d.0753
Olympias (i30)
Olympias (marriage to Joseph) (i30)
Phasaelus (i11), b.0683-
Phasaelus (i34)
Phasaelus (marriage to Salampsio) (i34)
Pheroras (i13)
Salampsio (i32)
Salampsio (marriage to Phasaelus) (i32)
Salome (i14)
Salome Alexandra (marriage to Alexander Janneus) (i25), b.0614-d.0687
Simon the High Priest (i21)

the Idumean

the Idumean, Antipater, II (i3), d.0708
the Idumean, Antipater, II (i15), d.0708


Tigranesking of Armenia (i52)
Timius (marriage to Alexandra) (i41)

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