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Par and China Clay Railways

The North Devon Line

Barnstaple, North Devon, England


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Par and China Clay Railways in Cornwall    




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all taken 1986 -89

Par is an ideal place to see many types of train and varied motive power. Highly recommended.

Near Par    Near Par       Somewhere in clay country   Par Station   Par Station                       Par Station      Par Station 

the line heads for Newquay, by a level crossing

close to Par Station: notice spilt white china clay powder around trackside

Par crossing

Somewhere in clay country          Somewhere in clay country           Somewhere in clay country

47 337 on tanks passes through Par station

37 120 on clay hoods passes through Par station

an unknown class 45 approaches Par from the east with a freight train

an unknown class 37 approaches Par from the east with a train of clay hoods

50 002 approaches the east end of Par with a stopping local passenger train

a class 47 approaches Par from the east with a freight train