weymouth quay railway

The North Devon Line

Barnstaple, North Devon, England


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The Weymouth Quay Tramway ~

Waterloo to Weymouth Town and on to The Quay!

-class 33 hauled trains on the main road - along with cars, buses, bikes, and oh yes, pedestrians!   



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all taken 21.7.1985

The train, almost always hauled by a class 33 would have an orange flashing light on it and be preceded by two railway persons carrying red flags - at times the locomotive has carried a bell as a warning to "get out of the way!"

In the summer of 1985 I took a day off work and took these photos.They show a very famous railway practice that has now ceased...in the fall of 87/88?

The orange light, the rail workers walking in front with red flags and the rails in the tarmac can all be seen in these photos. The shot at bottom right shows the train waiting to depart back to Waterloo - London with the arrivals from the ferry from the Channel Islands.  

The first two photos show the train leaving The Quay, the remainder showing its approach to The Quay after having left Weymouth Town Station. 

This train could be driven from either end as there were no runround facilities at either end of the journey...I think the yellow painted driving coach end is a "VEP" (or something like it),.....it controls the "push -me-pull-you" class 33 locomotive that would be at the rear. 

Coming from the far west of the UK I know little of the myriad of units working around London and Kent.