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The family history  and descendants of JOHN DAFFIN; born ca. 1730; North Carolina!

The family history and descendants of THOMAS J. DAFFIN; born ca. 1815;  lived in Maryland!  

A DAFFIN FAMILY PHOTO ALBUM is in the works... a couple pics are below!

Information on other DAFFIN lines in Maryland and some miscellaneous DAFFINS  that I found in my research.

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Table Of Contents

Please note that this is only the beginning and the pages are still being worked on. More and more content will be added regularly. Here's what I got so far!

An Introduction...(some of my "ramblings")

1-Benjamin Daffin (1801 - 1876)


2-George Daffin of England  (The descendants of George Daffin, some of whom emmigrated to the United States early in the 19th century)


3-  The Floyd Perry Daffin family of American Corner, Maryland...circa 1932.


4- Floyd "Pop Pop" Daffin's Boxing Match
"Pop-Pop" Daffin vs. Gardiner Towers; circa 1932

Pop Pop's Boxing Match

5- The "ebay" Document. A sheriff's writ dating from the 1700s pertaining to Daffin, Dyal, Dickinson, and Wm. Richardson of Caroline county, Maryland.


6-  The Town and Port of St. Mary's, 1642
I found this map in a history book. It shows the different areas and names around St. Mary's in 1642. I plan on making an improvement on the quality soon!

Town and Port of St. Mary's, 1642


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