Airfields Airfields of Russell county still under construction, 08 June 2005, by David Agar
Active and abandoned airfields can be located by the red-and-white road-side poles at the eastern entrance to the flight ways.
  • Airfield - Limoges
    In 1942, under the direction of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, construction began on a relief airfield near Limoges for the Elementary Air Training School #10 near Pendleton. For the Limoges airfield, property was obtained on Clarence township, concession 11, lots 21, 22 and 23. The airfield extended from the abandoned right-of-way of the Grand Tronc railway in the east to neighbouring properties in Cumberland township in the west. [National Archives of Canada RG 12, volume 2351]

  • Embrun/Russell Airport (PH4) - Russell township, concession 6, lot 13
    According to the 1975 topographical map (31 G/6), the airfield consisted of two runways. Condition was unknown by 1983.
  • Embrun Airport (PR2) - Russell township, concession 5, lot 4 - 1468 St-André Road
    According to the 1979 topographical map (31 G/3), the airfield consisted of one runway. This grass-runway airfield is still active in 2004.

  • Cambridge township, concession 8, lot 30
    A north-south grass runway and accompanying hangar are located behind 1553 Chemin St-Albert ouest. According to the 1983 topographical map, condition was unkown.