Descendants of John W. Daily
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Descendants of John W. Daily

Rev March 3, 1978
typewritten manuscript, unpublished

Includes more than 2300 names, surname Daily (378), Tolley (144), Tedford (97), Standerfer (88),
and more than 50 entries for each of the following,
Allen, Bond, Hood, Hooker, Maulding, Mead, Redfearn, and Walden.

Index: [ A-B-C ] [ D ] [ E-F-G-H ] [ I-J-K-L-M ] [ N-O-P-R-S ] [ T-U-V ] [ W-Y ]
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3.5 Meg
(1a) Descendants of William Daily & Hannah Hughes
and (1b)Anderson Daily & Susan Bond

3.2 Meg
(1c) Descendants of Vincent Daily & Betsey Bond
and (1d) Nancy Daily & Benjamin Hood

2.2 Meg
(1e) Descendants of Jincie Jane Daily & Daniel Tolley

2.2 Meg
(1f) Descendants of Mary E. Daily & Jobe Standerfer

4.4 Meg
(1g) Descendants of John Wesley Daily & Jane Arnold ,
(1h) Levi Daily & Nancy Ebbington Stobaugh ,
(1i) Harvey J. Daily & Gincy D. Ingram ,
and (1j) Lewis M. Daily & Celia T. Maulding

4.2 Meg
(1k) Descendants of Elizabeth Daily & John Bond
and Addenda

Also available

6.1 meg
Blooming Grove Memorials
Bond, Maulding, Daily, Standerfer families.

Some members of the Daily and Maulding families are also included in;
10.3 meg
A Record of Births, Marriages and Deaths
in the Armstrong, Carr, Gunter, Kornmeyer and
Related Families by Paul Kornmeyer, June 1, 1966

You can look at the index here; See Index

And also available the Gunter section with additions:
2.7 meg
Alexander J. Gunter

You can see the index here; See Index

NEW !! as of April 2014.
John W. and Mary Polly Daily
of Hamilton county Illinois

NEW !! as of April 2014
James Neal and Jane Walker
of Knox county Indiana

NEW !! as of June 2014

Daily Family
in Hamilton county Il.

Autobiography of Herman W. Daily

Leslie Family

Wampler Family

NEW !! for 2015

Descendants of John W Daily - 2015

a) Descendants of John W Daily -1978 with Index
b) Ancestors of Gordon Kyle Daily
c) Blooming Grove Church - History
d) Johm W. Daily & Mary - where did they come from ?
e) Daily family in Hamilton County - a history with photos

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