Leslie Descendents

Anna McClellan Daily (Leslie)

  • ID: I183
  • Name:

    Thomas Preston LESLIE

  • Sex: M
  • Birth:Oct. 6, 1826
  • Death:Jan 26 1898
  • Note:
    In 1851, Thomas and Nancy (Surber Peck)moved together to Hamilton County (McLeansboro, Illinois). They purchased land in 1853 as recorded below.
                        Sale  Legal       Sect- Twn-  Ra- Meri- Acres   Price     Total  Soc.    Date       
    Name of Purchaser   Type  Description ion   ship  nge dian  Bought  Per Acre  Price  Stat    Purchased
    LESLEY THOMAS P       FD  SESW          01   05S  05E  3    40.00  000.00  WARRANT   MALE    01/15/1853
    The grandmother of Nancy, Susanna Franklin, wife of Joseph A. Peck, was rumored to be from the family of the famous patriot Benjamin Frankin. However, we have never seen any documentation of this. Her father was James Franklin and the father of Benjamin Frankin was Josiah Franklin (1657-1745) who was born in England, so possible the linkage was through the England Franklins. It is said that every person with the name Franklin is rumored to be related to Ben, and many early emigrants took the name of Franklin due to its popularity.


    Anna McClellan Leslie; born Sep 5 1868
    James Franklin Leslie
    John Edington Leslie
    Joseph Willian Leslie
    Margaret Leslie
    Nancy Clarinda Leslie
    Thomas Preston Leslie
    Melvina Leslie
    Sarah M. Leslie

    Father: James LESLIE b: 23 APR 1792 in Pendleton, SC
    Mother: Ann McClellan EDINGTON b: 19 DEC 1808 in Blount Co., TN

    Marriage 1 Nancy Surber PECK b: 19 AUG 1827 in Monroe County, TN
    • Married: 29 MAR 1849 in Monroe County, TN
  • Peck Lineage
    Jacob F. Peck and Jane Waggoner
    Joseph Peck and Susannah Franklin
    Hans Jakob (Jacob) Beck (aka Peck) and Lydia Borden
    Benjamin Borden and Zeruiah Winter
    Benjamin Borden and Abigail Grover
    Richard Borden and Joane Fowle
    Matthew and Joan Borden
    Johann Jakob Beck and Anna Maria Hummell
    Michael Beck (II) and Anna Barbara Matthes
    Martin Beck and Barbara Landenberger
    Michael Beck and Maria Schempp
    Hans and Anna Beck

  • ID: I097
  • Name:

    James LESLIE

  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 23 APR 1792 in Pendleton, SC
  • Death: 23 OCT 1854 in Monroe County, TN

    Father: Thomas LESLIE II b: 15 APR 1760 in County Antrim, Ireland
    Mother: Mary HARRIS b: ABT. 1762 in Antrim, Ireland or PA?

    Marriage 1 Ann McClellan EDINGTON b: 19 DEC 1808 in Blount Co., TN
    • Married: 1825
    1. Has No Children Andrew McClellan LESLIE
    2. Has Children Jesse Wallace LESLIE
    3. Has No Children William Lowery LESLIE
    4. Has No Children Thomas Preston LESLIE
    5. Has No Children John Edington LESLIE b: ABT. 1829 in Jalapa, Monroe Co., TN
    6. Has Children Asenith Ann LESLIE
    7. Has No Children Mary Jane LESLIE
  • Edington Lineage

    John Edington b ca 1780 Greenbriar, VA d 20 Aug 1828 Jalapa, Monroe CO, TN
    occupation - farmer
    son of John Edington and Leah Jarvis of Greenbriar, VA

    m ca 1807 TO
    Aseneth Wallace b 19 Sep 1784 VA d 7 Jul 1863 Jalapa, Monroe CO, TN
    dau of John Wallace and Ann McClellan

  • ID: I051
  • Name:

    Thomas LESLIE II

  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 15 APR 1760 in County Antrim, Ireland
  • Death: 22 FEB 1839 in McMinn County, TN
  • Note:
    He fought in the American Revolution serving with Moses Liddell in Capt. Andrew Picken's Company. He served twice in the South Carolina Militia, a Patriot force, (June 1777 til June 1778 and again December 1780 til July 1782). He fought at Cowpens, Kings Mountain and other battles including the Seige of Abbeville. After his discharge, he married Mary Harris.

    In 1785, he moved about 40 miles to the Pendleton District, SC where most of their children were born.

    In 1819, he moved with his family from the Pendleton Disctrict, SC over the mountains about 100 miles as the crow flies to Tellico Plains, TN on property that was located in both McMinn and Monroe counties.

    On November 28, 1832, he applied for and received a pension for his service in the Revolution as provided by a law passed by the Congress in June of 1832.

    Father: Thomas LESLIE b: ABT. 1725 in County Antrim, Carrickfergus, NIR (Ireland)
    Mother: Jane THOMAS b: ABT. 1725 in County Antrim, Ireland

    Marriage 1 Mary HARRIS b: ABT. 1762 in Antrim, Ireland or PA?
    • Married: BET. 1782 - 1783 in Pendleton Disctrict, SC?
    1. Has No Children Jane M. LESLIE b: 13 OCT 1783
    2. Has No Children William Harris LESLIE b: 15 JAN 1785
    3. Has No Children John LESLIE b: 16 DEC 1787
    4. Has No Children Margaret W. LESLIE b: 10 FEB 1790
    5. Has Children James LESLIE b: 23 APR 1792 in Pendleton, SC
    6. Has Children Samuel LESLIE b: 15 OCT 1795
    7. Has No Children Mary Ann LESLIE b: 22 JUL 1798
    8. Has No Children Andrew LESLIE b: 30 OCT 1800
    9. Has No Children Rebeccah LESLIE b: 8 OCT 1802
    10. Has Children Thomas LESLIE III b: 27 JAN 1805 in Pendleton District, SC ?
    11. Has No Children Juliana MCNABB b: ABT. 4 NOV 1819

  • ID: I052
  • Name:

    Thomas LESLIE

  • Sex: M
  • Birth: ABT. 1725 in County Antrim, Carrickfergus, NIR (Ireland)
  • Death: 1778 in Abbeville, South Carolina
  • Immigration: 1765 to South Carolina
  • Burial: Long Cane Cemetery
  • Note:
    In 1765, Thomas came to the royal colony of South Carolina (age 40) with his family and brother John Leslie (age 38). Thomas travelled from Belfast, Ireland on the Prince Henry with his wife Jane Thomas and their five children. Thomas and his brother John won land grants in the Ninety Six District (later Abbeville, SC).

    When Thomas died in 1778 he was buried in the Long Cane Cemetery, for which the Leslie brothers had given the land. This cemetery has become a beautiful resting place for the people of Abbeville, S.C.

    Father: Unknown LESLIE

    Marriage 1 Jane THOMAS b: ABT. 1725 in County Antrim, Ireland
      1. Has No Children Ann LESLIE b: ABT. 1752
      2. Has No Children Mart LESLIE b: ABT. 1754
      3. Has No Children William LESLIE b: ABT. 1757 in Antrim, Ireland
      4. Has Children Thomas LESLIE II b: 15 APR 1760 in County Antrim, Ireland
      5. Has No Children Jane LESLIE b: ABT. 1763

    • History of the Leslie clan


      Edgar, the Aetheling, was the son of Prince Edward of the ancient and royal Saxon House of Wessex and his mother, Agatha, was the daughter of Henry II, emperor of Germany.

      Edgar, his mother Agatha, and his two sisters Margaret and Christina, came to England to the court of Edward the Confessor, bringing with them a large number of Hungarian attendants.

      Edgar, the Aetheling, had in his own person the Anglo-Saxon claim to the crown of England, but before he could act, William, Duke of Normandy, landed an army in England, gained the throne, and was crowned in London before the end of the year 1066.

      Edgar abandoned his claim to the throne and swore loyalty to William at Berkhamstead on December 25, 1066. In return, William gave Edgar an earldom with large possessions.

      Edgar later became suspicious of William, and taking his two sisters, his mother Agatha, and their attendants, fled England and sailed for Scotland. High winds drove their ship into the Firth of Forth at St. Margaret's Hope, Queenferry, Scotland. They were received by King Malcolm II, Canmore of Scotland.

      King Malcolm II was the son of King Duncan of Scotland. King Duncan had been killed in a battle with MacBeth. Afterwards, Malcolm II defeated MacBeth and took the Scottish crown as Malcolm II, Canmore.

      Later, King Malcolm offered his hand to Princess Margaret, daughter of Agatha, and sister of Edgar. Margaret accepted and became the Queen of Scotland.

      The Garoich

      The Garoich is a fertile district in Aberdeenshire. It is bounded on the south by the river Don, which separates the Garoich from Mar, on the east and north by Formartine and the hills of Foundland, and on the west by the river Bogie. It is overlooked by the beautiful hill Bennaths. This district of the Garioch was erected into an earldom by King Malcolm in favor of his brother, David, Earl of Huntingdon, about 1160.

      Lands of Lesslyn in the Garioch

      Bartholomew:  Founder of our Lessley Name

      Among the noblemen who traveled from Hungary to England then on to Scotland with Edgar, Agatha and family was Bartholomew. He became Queen Margaret's most trusted assistant. King Malcolm, Canmore, appointed him governor of the Edinburg Castle, honored him with the dignity of knighthood, and gave him large grants of land in Fife, Angus, the Mearns, and Aberdeenshire.

      According to tradition, King Malcolm promised Bartholomew all hereditary rights to all land within a radius of one mile where he was forced to stop and feed his horse on a journey, starting at Deinfermline and proceeding northward. He first stopped at Frechil in Fife, next at Innerlessad in Angus, then at Feskie in the Mearns, and last at Cuskine in Mar. His horse failed him in the Garioch. On his return, the king asked him where he had left his horse, and he answered in metrical style,

      "Between a lesse ley and a mair
      My horse it tyrd and stopped there."

      The king replied in the same metrical style,

      "Lord Lesse ley shalt thou be
      And thy heirs after thee."

      and gave him the grant of land.

      Bartholomew later married Beatrix, sister of King Malcolm and became the king's brother-in-law.

      From the "Genealogist of Tree of the Royal Family of Scotland", by John Brown of Scotland, published in March 1792, comes the following:

      "Beatrix, daughter of King Duncan and sister of Malcolm II, Canmore, married Bartholomew of whom all the Lesleys in Scotland are descended."

      From this union came many noble and famous men who have risen to great splendor and wealth from distinguished service or intermarriages with other noble houses in not only Scotland but France, Sweden, Germany, Russia, and Austria.

      The land of Lesslyn in the Garioch about 19 miles north of Aberdeen is a fine agricultural area of Scotland. No doubt, this is where Bartholomew built his castle. Bartholomew was the first possessor of the land of Lesslyn.

      Founder of the family name, Bartholomew died as an old man about 1121 and was succeeded by his son Malcolm. Malcolm died about 1176 and was succeeded by his son Norman, about 1248.

      Norman married a daughter of Stuart, Earl of Lion. They had issue:

      Norina -succeeded.



      Norina succeeded Norman and married Catherine Muir. His issue:

      Norman - succeeded.



      Norman, the fifth possessor of the land of Lesslyn, was the first to use the family surname as he styled it in most public documents as "Sir Norman de Lesslyn" and "dominus de Lesley". He married the daughter and heiress of Watson of Rothes. He died about 1320.

      Andrew - succeeded.


      Sir Andrew de Lesslyn succeeded his father in 1320. He received several baronies through the rights of this wife, Mary Abernethy. He was the sixth possessor of the land of Lesslyn and conveyed to his son George the Baronies of Balquhain. He also obtained from King David II a charter under the great seal, making all the lands into one free barony called the Barony of Balquhain. George became the first Baron of Balquhain.

      George Lessley, First Earl of Rothes

      King Robert Bruce granted a charter to his nephew, Randolph, Earl of Moray, of all the king's land in Moray as they were held by Alexander, King of Scotland, together with all the other adjacent lands contained within the limits and boundaries, beginning at the river Spey where it falls into the sea and ascending by the same river, comprehending the lands of Fochabers, Rolhenayks, Roths, Bakarm, and other lands. It was granted in 1312. The first Earl of Rothes was George Lessley. George, the son of Norman de Lessley, was born about 1417 and through his father and mother was descended from both the royal families of Bruce and Stewart. He was created Earl of Rothes by King James II by charter of March 20, 1457.

      The Lesleys of Rothes and Balquhain became the principal branches of the family.

      The Lesleys of Ballybay North Ireland are a branch of the family of the Earl of Rothes.

      The Leslie House in County Antrim, North Ireland, descends from the Ballybay branch.

      The Lesleys of Tarbet in Ireland descend from the Wardis branch of the family of Balquhain.

      The Lesleys of Glassbough of Ireland descend from the Wardis branch of the Barons of Balquhain.


      Castle Carrichfergus

      Castle Leslie, county Monaghan, Ireland