Dale/Brown Family Genealogy Album


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To The

Dale/Brown Family Genealogy Album

Although this work is not complete. It seemed best that we should provide this information to those that follow us....

With Love we Dedicate this to all that came before us....

WEBSTER’S DEFINITION OF THE “Dale/Brown Family Genealogy Album”

dale n., A valley.

brown study., A state of reverie or deep thought.

genealogy n., A record of family descent.

album n., An oversize, handsomely printed book, especially popular in the 19th century, often having an abundance of illustrations and short sentimental texts.


In the valley of despair and dead ends, but mostly in a state of reverie and sentimental memories in the study of the family histories contained herein. I have attempted to produce this, the “Dale/Brown Family Genealogy Album,” for the enrichment of those that appear therein, and to those that care to partake and expand on the records of these, Families, Ancestors and Descendants, of which they are a part of.

Dedication of this endeavor is to our children and grandchildren listed below.  With the hopes and desires of Phyllis and I that this will be continued by those that follow us, to see whencesoever they cometh.

In an attempt to satisfy their mothers request for a group photo, they presented her with this one. Shown above are Christine, Paula and George. Granddaughter Jenny Marie is seated on George's lap.

Jenny Marie Grotbo

Sarah Jane Grotbo

Teresa June Dale

Nathaniel Allen Finch

Emily Christine Grotbo

Jared Joseph Grotbo


Commercial use of this information is strictly forbidden.

If copied, this information must not be used for financial gain. This information may be used by Individuals, Genealogical Societies, Libraries, for their own research. Everything presented on these pages is as accurate as the information which we currently have. We are certain that, as more information becomes available for documentation some inaccuracies will be found. We welcome new factual information and will incorporate such as it becomes available.

  I have just started a page for all the pictures that I have that the identity of are Unknown. I have started off with those that I believe are related to the THOMPSON surname. This page can be found on the "Dale/Brown Photos" link above or click the "New" image.

ŠPaul and Phyllis Dale 1997-2010
Date this page was last edited 10/15/2011