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Dale/Brown Family

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Family Stats


Paternal Families


Maternal Families

8781  -  Individuals


Dale/Bliss Family   Brown/Snell Family
1812  -  Surnames Dale/Brown Family   Brown/Mitchell Family
2762  -  Family Groups   Dale/Carpenter Family Brown/Lawrence Family
1508  -  Earliest Birth Year   Dale/Elliott Family Brown/Thompson Family
2008  -  Latest Birth Year   Dale/Fraaken Family   Caldwell/Dyer Family
  Dale/Grotbo Family   Dyer/Brown Family
    Dale/Headlee Family Dyer/Swearingen
    Dale/Laddusaw Family Elliott/Guntle Family
    Dale/Leonard Family Elliott/Morrison Family
    Dale/Penn Family Guntle/Warbinton Family
    Dale/Pope Family   Pope/Griggs Family
    Dale/Willis Family   Rogers/Dale Family
    Warner/Bartholomew Family Sanders/Dyer Family
    Warner/Carr Family Sanders/Shear Family
  Warner/Tower Family Sprott/Dale Family

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