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Willard Edward Dale & Sarah Elizabeth (Lizzie) Warner

Esther Sprott, daughter of James A. Sprott/Mable Catherine Dale sent me these two photos and identified them as Willard Edward Dale and Sarah Elizabeth (Lizzie) Warner. When I first received them I immediately brought out the Fremont, NE photo, which was not identified as to who these people were, as shown below.



FAIRMONT, NE. photo taken by the F. H. RIPSON CO

After comparing the three photos I deduced that the four people in the Fremont, NE photo were; Sarah E. Warner holding Truman Edward Dale. Willard Edward Dale holding Ernest Willard Dale and standing in front was Myrtle Saphire Dale.

Truman died 19 Aug 1892 and Myrtle died 13 Sep 1892. Center, Wapello Co., IA.



The Four Dale Children

This photo was taken between the years of 1898 and 1900. I am presuming the later date of 1900 because of the age appearance of Walter Washington Dale on the left front of the picture. Walter Dale was born  2 July 1897.  This photo was sent to me by Esther Sprott, daughter of Jessie A. Sprott and Mable Catherine Dale. The parents of these children are Willard Edward Dale and Sarah Lizzie Warner.

Back left to right; Elmer Eugene Dale, Mable Catherine Dale. Front Left to right; Walter Washington Dale, Ernest Willard Dale.



FORGAN or BEAVER, OK 1906-1907

On this image the people are identified by Esther Sprott and by myself from Dad's handwritten records. Esther's identifications are noted by red lines and mine by green lines.



FORGAN or BEAVER, OK 1906-1907

I received an E-mail letter from a Dan Avery who is the husband of Sherri Shearon. Sherri grandmother Ruth Leonard, who is a daughter of Jesse A. Sprott and Mable Catherine Dale relates the following information on the photo that is shown on the right.

"It is funny that we were just talking about Forgan, OK this last weekend with Grandma Ruth. She was saying that they, (Editors Note: meaning the family of Joseph M. Conrad and Sarah E. Warner Dale Conrad, and the children from both of Sarah's marriages) lived in a dugout while at Forgan, OK. I believe that is a dugout behind them in the photo."

"The door is just behind Mable and the white dots are a type of washer they put under the head of the nails to hold the tar paper in place."

The image of a woman standing at the door of a sod house and the image of Mable Sprott were found on the web. The woman is Sarah Lizzie Warner Dale Conrad and the obit pertains to Willard and Sarah Dale daughter, Mable Catherine Dale Sprott.




Fort Stevens, OR 1920, Guard Formation at Roll Call

Dad is in the front row, the last person on the right. Over the entrance to the building you can make out Fort Stevens.



Dale and Leonard Family Members

This picture was taken on the day of the wedding of John Edward Dale/Rosie Marie Leonard, 28 August 1955 at Boulder, CO.

Left to right; Alice Fletcher Leonard, Jess A. Leonard, Rosie Marie Leonard Dale, John Dale, Florence Mae Brown Dale, Elmer Eugene Dale.



John A. Brown and Gussie Thompson Family

This family portrait was taken prior to the death of Gussie Brown 28 December 1924.

Standing in back is Bert Henry Brown, he married Gertrude "Gertie" Lawrence.

Front left to right: Marie Nellie Brown, she married Garvey Dyer. John A. Brown, Gustavia Augustus (Gussie) Thompson, and Florence Mae Brown, she married Elmer Eugene Dale.

Pension Certificate

From the John A. Brown Civil War Pension Certificate that mom had saved, as shown on the right.


John A. Brown Family Names

I was able to obtain his Civil War records from the National Archives. One page is shown to the right with vital statistics that John A. Brown had submitted when applying for his pension. You will note that he first married a Polly Ann Mitchell, 10 March 1866 in Greene Co., TN., and had two sons, Charley C. and Henry O. Brown.

From the Greene County, TN marriage records 1860-1888 I obtained the records of John A. Brown and Mary Ann Mitchell as solemnized by H. G. Hall as shown in the second image. You will note the marriage date as being the 5 March 1866 which is different from other records that I have. For the time being I will leave it as 10 March 1886 till I have better confirmation.

 I also obtained copies of other marriages of Mary Ann Mitchell's brothers and sisters for anyone that might want a copy as follows:

Aden Mitchell + Vina Roberts 21 February 1861.
Julina Mitchell + John L. Ferguson 13 February 1860.
Eliza (Louisa) Mitchell + Henry Malone 5 July 1860.
Evans Spencer Mitchell + Keturah H. (Kitty Hamphrey) Pickering 19 October 1862.
James Wesley Mitchell + Ageline Pickering 20 February 1866.

More of John A. Brown Civil War records can be found by clicking on the link at the top of the page.




Warner Photos

Edward L. Warner - Photo taken in Canon City, CO

Edward L. Warner/Laura A. Bartholomew  Family


Fred E. Warner - Photo taken York, NE
Photo taken 3 Feb 1916

Fred E. Warner/Clara White Family



Lyman R. and Carl A. Warner - Photo taken Oct 1916

Lyman R. Warner/Rosanna Sydle Family



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