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Grandma Gussie Album

Wife of John Brown

Gustaara Augusta Malinda (Gussie) Thompson is the daughter of William Thompson, mother Unknown at this writing, born the 7 May 1886 in the State of Illinois, according to the 1900 Alexander Co., IL census. She was given several names at birth apparently, but all that knew her called her "Gussie." In my vain attempt to research the life of this lady, my Maternal Grandmother, I have found this old, Dime Store Autograph Book, that mom had kept.

The Autograph Book is 3 ˝ X 5 inches. The cover is of a velvet maroon color material.

The worn embossed word on the front cover states "ALBUM"


The pages inside is of mixed colors, tan, canary, blue, green. All of which have turned to a rustic gold color.

Places mentioned are; Thebes, IL, East Cape Girardeau, IL; Wheatland, IL;. Illimo, MO; Malden, MO.

The only problem is that all the entries are written in pencil, and in some cases is hard to decipher. Several person wrote entries into this Autograph Book, my mom, my Aunt, and others yet to be identified. At this time I thought I had better extract the contents so that the statements therein would not be lost forever. I have numbered the pages from 1 to 18, page 18 being the inside back of the back cover. As far as I can tell there are no pages torn out.


Page 1

G. L. Mansfield
January 29, 1890
Page 2

Will B. Mansfield
March 3, 1894
Page 3

Charley Brown
April 15, 1894
Page 4

S. S. Thompson
April 18, 1895
Page 5

No name
Page 6

Della Quickels
Page 7

Joseph Malone
Page 8

Marie Nellie Brown
29 February 1916
Page 9

Addie Caraker
21 June
Page 10

Frank Caraker
30 June 1897
Page 11

Cora Burdick
30 June 1897
Page 12

Millie Waterman
9 July 1896
Page 13

Caddie Hesching
Page 14

Author Unknown
Page 15

Miss May Brown
18 Nov. 1910
Page 16

10 May 1896
Page 17

January 19, 1896
Page 18

C. Z Brown

Page 3 - Charley Brown is probably the son of John Brown/Mary (Polly Ann) Mitchell. My Maternal Grandfather first marriage.

Page 8 - Marie Nellie Brown is my Mom's Sister.

Page 15 - Miss May Brown is my Mother.


ŠPaul and Phyllis Dale 1997-2009
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