The Baker Family

Here we are:

Top row: Curtis, Karl, Jacob, Dad, Richard, me, Julie.
Second row: Wendy, Jeri, Mom, Michelle, Greg, Brenda, Dallas, Sheryl.
All the cute little kids: Emily, Maren, Lindsey, Meagan, Isaac, Garett, Ryan, Cameron, and Brooke.

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News, Photos, etc...

7/12/02 - B.F. Larsen Gallery Reception:

The gallery is finally labeled as the B.F. Larsen Gallery.  The college
held a nice reception on the 12th, where Newell Dayley spoke, and many
people, including B.F.'s only daughter, Celia, got up and shared neat
stories and comments.  Brother Dayley also passed out some pamphlets
of a devotional address he gave, about centering the arts in Christ.
Read it here.
Here's a photo of of the label:

5/10/02 - Family Reunion scheduled for Aug 22-24 at Bear Lake! The Hansens will be there! Here's the latest from Sheryl:
Hey bang-a-rang gang, what's up?  This is the official announcement,
The Baker Family Reunion will be Aug. 22-24 in Bear Lake, at the
Rendezvous Beach, Birch camp ground.  The campground is on the South
shore of the lake, near Laketown, on route 30, just to give you a
general idea.  I'll get maps out later.  We have prime location right
along the beach front, so it should be a blast!  There are nice
bathrooms, drinking water, even showers, small boat rentals are
available or bring your own.  Whatever you want to do!  It came
out to be $35 a family (julie your included with mom and dad), for the
two nights stay.  So if you can, everyone try and come up thursday night
so we can have all day Friday for a lot of our activities.  And yes,
Rasberry days will be going on in Garden City (yummy shakes) and there
should even be a carnival going on.  Oh I'm getting so excited!  If there's
any way you can get money to me sooner rather than later, that would be
great!  Jeri and Karl, you're cool to bring your trailer, there are
hook-ups for you, we'll probably be finishing up our festivities early
sat. afternoon so if you want to get home to celebrate you aniversary you
can.  Obviously we'll work out smaller details later, be I just wanted
you to know that the reservations are made and it will be a blast!
I'm signing off, if anyone has any questions, just ask away!
love you all