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This document is dedicated to the descendents of Robert Daniell and his wife Elizabeth Morse Daniell
who were among the first settlers Massachusetts Bay Colony - 1636

The Daniells / Daniels of Massachusetts Bay Colony Site

This site is designed to provide a chronological review of my Daniell/Daniels lineal ancestral history from the arrival in the Colony of my 7th great grandfather, Robert Daniell through to my father. We are fortunate that many activities and events surrounding each generation have been preserved through various documents, including town, colony and state records, maps, published genealogical articles and books.

These documents reveal a fascinating story of ancestors who moved to the very edge of the wilderness, be it to the colony in 1636 to just west of the Charles River in the 1660's, upstate New York in the late 1790's to Wisconsin in the 1840's to the northern woods of Minnesota in the 1870's each generation maintained a pioneer sprit. Many ancestors served during times of war. Second generation Joseph Daniell's home was burnt to the ground during King Phillips war. Others served during the French and Indian, Revolutionary, Civil and WWII. Ancestors carried titles such as Major, Captain, Lieutenant, 1st Lieutenant, Master Sergeant over several generations. It's fortunate that many of the original homes and sites still stand allowing further review of the Daniell/Daniels family's history.

There have been other previously published versions of the Daniell/Daniels family history. As can be expected, there are variations, discrepancies and in some cases verified errors contained within them. However, the pieces of the puzzle, checked and rechecked continue to come together. The information contained on this site is constructed using various officially recognized records and documents, e.g. ship passenger lists, proprietors records, Thomas Shepard's Confessions, NEHGS records, etc. It is the intention of this author to publish only information that is considered reliable and suitable for valid genealogical scholarship. To further these efforts, any conflicts or concerns with the information posted is welcomed by the author.

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Using the index links below you can choose the generation you wish to view or use the search engine using key words to locate topics of interest. There are many hot links contained within each section that provides additional detail and/or photographs to help tell the story.

Daniels Family History

Table of Contents

Generation 1: Robert Daniell
1592 - 1655  
Generation 2: Joseph Daniell
1638 - 1715  
Generation 3: Eleazer Daniels
1681 - 1772  
Generation 4: Joseph Daniels
1724 - 1779  
Generation 5: Nahum Daniels
1768 - 1852  
Generation 6: George Daniels
1800 - 1875  
Generation 7: Jasper Daniels
1838 - 1910  
Generation 8: Nelson Daniels
1889 - 1967  
Generation 9: John S. Daniels
1924 - 1997  

Other Notable Ancestors

Table of Contents

Generation 1: Dr. Samuel Cooke, (DRAFT)
1738 - 1783  
Generation 1: John Powers
1844 - 1938  

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Over the past 14 years I have collected, scanned and digitized over 4 gigabytes of documents, articles, photographs, maps and other relevant information concerning the Robert Daniell family's ancestors and/or descendents so others may easily research the family heritage. The information listed above only lists a narrow ancestral line of my parents, grandparents and direct lineal ancestors. I have, however, sought out many other lines of Robert Daniell's descendents which include several other well documented Pilgrim families, Fairbanks, (arrived prior to 1636, Dedham, Massachusetts), Holbrook's, (1660, Scituate, Massachusetts), French, (Before 1640, Dorchester, Massachusetts) and Cooke, (Gilford, Connecticut, unconfirmed, being researched) that join this line throughout the next 4 generations.

Current Efforts

I have decided to fill in additional details on each generation to provide a richer understanding of the life and times they lived in. I understand source material is important to many so I will be filling in those details as I find time. I am also adding a few additional pages that provide links to maternal ancestor histories. I will continue to color code the entries for each generation, e.g. John Powers, my mother's grandfather was a first generation American having immigrated from Waterford, Ireland to the states in 1863. John's page uses the the color green as was used in the first generation page of Robert Daniell who immigrated in 1636.

As in the past this web site will continue to be "living" document with frequent updates and represents my very latest findings, including corrections, as new information is uncovered. Many of these discoveries are in contrast to information that has been published in book form or on the web.

Daniels of Massachusetts Bay Colony

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