Southwick- Daniels Farm Blackstone, Massachusetts

Southwick - Daniels Farm
286 Mendon Street, Blackstone, Massachusetts

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The Southwick - Daniels Farm located high upon a hill situated just south of the Mendon border in Blackstone, Massachusetts has been under continuous ownership of the descendents of Eleazer Daniels since the early 19th century.

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The farm's first dwelling was built around 1750 by Nahor Staples who owned the property until it's sale to Seth Southwick in 1793.

February 16, 1794, Seth married Lucinda Staples. Seth and Lucinda had 3 children,

Ruth, June 28, 1794
Elvira, January 26, 1796
Seth, May 1, 1798
Source: Mendon Vital Records - Births p. 159/160

October 16, 1798, Seth's wife Lucinda died.
Source: Mendon Vital Records - Deaths p. 497

Seth married Alpha Waldon of Bellingham. Records list May 10, 1801 as the date of "intensions to marry". Alpha and Seth had 6 children together.

Ame, May 4, 1803
Anne, June 27, 1805
Rachel, December 26, 1808
William Aldrich, September 20, 1811
Mary September 22, 1816
Alpha, November 12, 1818.
Source: Mendon Vital Records - Births p. 159/160

It was daughter Rachel's marriage to Absalom Daniels on August 23, 1829 that brought the farm into the Daniels family where it would remain for the next 170 years.
Source: Mendon Vital Records - Marriages p. 280

October 16, 1835, Seth Southwick died. Upon his death the farm was left in the hands of Seth Southwick's wife, Alpha, and his daughter and son-in-law, Rachel and Absalom Daniels, all of whom continued to live together at the farm.
Source: Blackstone, Massachusetts: A Town History Through 1995, published by the Blackstone Historical Commission, 1995

Tracing Absalom Daniels back to Captain Eleazer Daniels

Absalom Daniels b. April 16, 1806 in Uxbridge. His parents were Nathan Daniels and Sarah Hiller of Mendon
Uxbridge Vital Records - Births p. 55

Nathan Daniels b. December 12, 1769 in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. His parents were Darius Daniels and Ruth Aldrich of Uxbridge.
Uxbridge Vital Records - Births p. 55

Darius Daniels b. November 4, 1739 in Mendon. His parents were David Daniels and Hulda Arnold Taft of Mendon.
Mendon Vital Records - Births p. 60

David Daniels b. July 4, 1710 in Mendon. His parents were Eleazer Daniels and May Holbrook of Scituate.
Mendon Vital Records - Births p. 60


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