Daniels of Massachusetts Bay Colony - Generation III Eleazer Daniels (1681 - 1772)


Captain Eleazer Daniels

b. March 6, 1680-81, Medfield (becomes Medway in 1713) d. March 28, 1772, Mendon, Massachusetts
Birth Recorded, Medfield Vital Records, Births p.44
Death Recorded, Mendon Vital Records, Deaths p.460


Note: Eleazer was named after his uncle, Eleazer Fairbanks, and was the first to use the modern spelling of the family name Daniels

Eleazer's Mother Dies

June 9, 1682, Eleazer's mother, Mary Fairbanks dies. Eleazer was 15 months old at the time of her death.
Death Recorded, Medfield Vital Records, Deaths p.206

Arrival in Mendon

1705, Eleazer Daniels purchased 20 acres on May 5, 1705. This deed of sale was acknowledged before Josiah Chapin, Esq. on October 22, 1705. This places Eleazer Daniels arrival in the Mendon area 5 years prior to what is commonly believed. Eleazer eventually owned and managed 1,000 acres located near the intersection of today's Elm and Blackstone Streets
Mendon Proprietors' Records, p. 126, section 88

Daniels - Holbrook Marriage

July 28, 1709, Eleazer Daniels, now 28 years old, marries Mary Holbrook, 22, in Scituate, Massachusetts. Mary is the daughter of Samuel and Mary (Pierce) Holbrook.
Marriage Recorded, Scituate Vital Records, Marriages p.103

Town Records - Eleazer Daniels

March 6, 1710, Mendon's Selectmen appointed Eleazer Daniels and Daniel Hill to serve as constables. The appointment would certainly enable Eleazer to get to know everyone’s affairs in short order. In addition, the selectmen appointed Eleazer to a 13-man committee that would insure that swine be "yoked and wringed as the law directs"!

Forming a Family

Over the next 18 years, Mary would give birth to 9 children: 3 sons and 6 daughters.

The first child to be born was named David. Born on July 4, 1710, Mary was was 23 years old at the time of his birth.
Birth Recorded, Mendon Vital Records, Births p.60

The other children arrived in the following order:

July 30, 1712, Mary
Birth Recorded, Mendon Vital Records, Births p.63

May 29, 1714, Moses
Birth Recorded, Mendon Vital Records, Births p.63

March 26, 1718, Abigail
Birth Recorded, Mendon Vital Records, Births p.63

March 23, 1719/20, Rachel
Birth Recorded, Mendon Vital Records, Births p.62

March 01, 1721/22, Mercy
Birth Recorded, Mendon Vital Records, Births p.61

Birth of Joseph

April 12, 1724, Joseph, the last son of Eleazer and Mary Daniels was born. Joseph would become my 4th great grandfather.
Birth Recorded, Mendon Vital Records, Births p.61

Two additional children were born after Joseph:
August 28, 1726, Bethiah
Birth Recorded, Mendon Vital Records, Births p.59

October 13, 1728, Deborah
Birth Recorded, Mendon Vital Records, Births p.63

Town Records - Eleazer Daniels

1718, The selectmen of Mendon decided to build a road that would connect the “Coverdale Stand" (near the intersection of today's Elm and Blackstone Streets) to the Hop Brook. This new road passed through the land of Eleazer Daniels, Josiah and Samuel Thayer. Eleazer and the Thayer's asked for and received compensation from the town of Mendon for land used in making the new road.

Mendon Militia Service

April 23, 1725, Eleazer is now being refered to as Ensign Eleazer Daniels in Mendon's land records

December 13, 1735 Eleazer is now referred to as Captain Eleazer Daniels in official Mendon records

Blackstone, Massachusetts is Formed

1845, The area of Mendon known as the south parish is incorporated as the town of Blackstone. Much of Eleazer Daniels land is located in the now know as Blackstone.

Death of Wife, Mary

March 11, 1759, 71 year old Mary Holbrook Daniels dies. Mary and Eleazer were married for 49 years.

Death of Eleazer

March 28, 1772, Eleazer Daniels died at the age of 92 and is buried next to his wife Mary in the Pine Hill Cemetery in Mendon.

Map of Mendon, Massachusetts

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This 1831 map shows the area of Mendon that was owned and developed by Eleazer Daniels between 1705 and his death in 1772. The main north - south road shown on the map is Providence Road in the North Parish (Mendon), which then becomes Blackstone Road in the South Parish (Blackstone). The fork branching off the main road near the town pound is Quisset Hill Road. The southern fork adjacent to the post office (P.O.) is the intersection of Blackstone Road and Rehoboth Road (Elm Street today).

Pine Hill Cemetery where Eleazer and Mary are buried and is marked by a small rectangle opposite the widening of Mendon Brook.

The various Daniels names appearing on the map identify locations of homes and farms owned by the grandchildren of Eleazer and Mary Daniels.

Pine Hill Cemetery - Mendon, Massachusetts

Pine Hill Cemetery is the burial ground for many generations of Eleazer and Mary Holbrook Daniels descendents. Their sons David and Joseph remained in the area for their entire lives, however the majority of those buried there descend from David's line.

A local researcher, John Fox has cataloged over 25,000 names of persons buried in cemeteries located in the towns of Blackstone, Millville, Mendon, Douglas, Uxbridge and Hopedale. John's data has been used to create the table listing all 75 Daniels buried at Pine Hill. I am grateful for his permission to use his data on this web site.


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