Daniels of Massachusetts Bay Colony - Generation VIII Nelson S. Daniels (1889 - 1968)


Nelson S. Daniels

Nelson Stewart Daniels

b. June 21 1889, Pike Lake, Saint Louis County, Minnesota, d. July 19, 1968, Madison, Wisconsin

Nelson Daniels - Olga Christine Rose Relationship

1915, August 21: Duluth News-Tribune article provides the first glimpse into the Olga Rose, Nelson Daniels Relationship.

Nelson Daniels - Olga Christine Rose Marriage

1915, December 10: Nelson marries 21 year old, Olga Christine Rose in Duluth, Minnesota. Olga was the daughter of Albert Rose (Name taken after he arrived in the US, Albert's sir name at birth was Pettersson) and Amanda Charlotta Svensdotter who arrived from Dasland Province, Sweden sometime prior to Olga's birth in Duluth.

Nelson & Olga in the Early Years at their Pike Lake Home

Nelson built a home for Olga and his future family on property next to his fathers home at Pike Lake, Minnesota.

Nelson Daniels - Carpenter

During the early years at Pike Lake, "Nel's" worked as an apprentice carpenter. Learning his craft while working on some of the big mansions on the east end of Duluth. He was taught the trade by master [carpenters] who were immigrants, Scandinavians and Germans; some of them couldn't even speak any English. They were very rigorous and he learned his carpentry techniques from them, very meticulous.

He learned in those early months of his apprenticeship how to take care of his equipment. He was especially good at was sharpening saws and tools. Rarely using a power saw, his handsaws were so sharp he could rip through 2x4s as fast as could with a power saw.

Nel's was a very bright fellow in terms of arithmetic and so forth; one of those carpenters who learned more than just the skills of putting boards together.

Nelson's skills grew to a point where he was capable of building an entire house on his own. A family story tells about one such home he built on an island in a Northern Minnesota lake. Materials to be used in construction of the home were hauled over during the winter months so they could be dragged across the ice. This was to be an elaborate house with a big staircase and all sorts of fine carpentry work throughout. In the spring Nelson, Olga and two very young children camped in a tent on the lakeshore. Each day Nelson would get into a boat and row from the shore over to the island by himself, and with no power tools built this place, casing and cabinet work.

Nelson Daniels - Lumber Camps

When there wasn't any construction work to be had, Nelson would contract with companies to cut timber. He would go a particular spot, often in the middle of the Minnesota woods, hire a crew, and build temporary living quarters. One end of the building would be used as a mess hall and a place for workers to sleep while a tarpaulin was used to mark off a space where his entire family would live. Nelson's wife, Olga would be the cook. She had an old cast iron griddle used to cook up pancakes for the lumberjack crew.

Forming a Family

August 1916, Olga gives birth to a daughter, Lois Marguerite.

June 1920, A second daughter is born, Anita Jane.

February 1924, The first and only son, John Stuart is born.

July 1928, A third daughter, Ruth Marie is born

Fire Destroys Pike Lake Homestead

December 13, 1928, The fire at their Pike Lake home transformed the lives of the Daniels family. It was started in the garage where Nelson had been fixing a car which was up on blocks. As Olga and Nelson were having coffee before going to bed, a gas lantern exploded and started the fire. 12 year old Lois ran across an old Indian path to get the relatives who were living at the Daniels compound on Pike Lake. Uncle Bill Platt and Uncle George Nicholson came to help with the consequences of the fire. Almost everything was burned up - except for a child's rocking chair.

Family Moves to Madison, Wisconsin

After the fire Nelson moved his family to Madison, Wisconsin. Olga's sister, Ruth Ann and her husband Ted Woods operated a candy store on Capitol square. Arraignments had been made to accommodate the Nelson Daniels family in their apartment until the family was settled. Nelson had heard there were jobs available in the construction trades in the Madison area. He went to work building the new school named Madison West High.

Family Moves to Windsor, Wisconsin

"One of the carpenters working with Dad said there was a large house in Windsor for sale with all the furniture in it and it seemed like heaven opened up with all the blessings. How they bought it without any credit and nothing but debts."
Memoirs from a family member

Sometime prior to 1930 Nelson moved his family some 11 miles to the north to a home on Main Street in Windsor, Wisconsin.

January 1934, The 5th and last child, Gloria Christine is born.

1947 Project

Nelson Daniels was a carpenter and construction supervisor. October 1947, Nelson Daniels worked on Wisconsin Telephone Company building in Madison. He was the carpenter superintendent for the J. H. Findorff and Son.

Olga Christine Daniels Dies

April 29, 1966, Olga died at the age of 72.

Nelson Dies

July 19, 1968, Nelson died at Madison, Wisconsin at the age of 79.

Dekkora Cemetery

Nelson and Olga are buried at Dekkora Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery (located a short walk from their Lake Wisconsin home) at the top of Corning Street overlooking Lake Wisconsin in Poynette, Wisconsin.


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