Daniels of Massachusetts Bay Colony - Generation IX John Stuart Daniels (1924 - 1997)


John Stuart Daniels

b. February 27 1924, Pike Lake, Saint Louis County, Minnesota, d. July 19, 1997, Racine, Wisconsin

Family Leaves Minnesota for Wisonsin

1929, After a fire destroyed the family home, the Daniels family moved first to Madison, Wisconsin and then to Windsor, Wisconsin about 11 miles north, northeast of Madison.

Windsor, Wisconsin

1938, May 25, John graduated from Windsor State Graded School.

1941,The kids living in Windsor went to high school in the neighboring town of DeForest. Here's John wearing the number 28, as a member of the De Forest, High School 1941 championship football team.

John and his mother Olga in Windsor, Wisconsin

1942, John graduated from De Forest High School with honors.

1942, John attended the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

WW II Army Air Corps Service Record

Staff Sergeant 2539th Army Air Force Base Unit - Fosterfield, Texas

John Daniels had originally intended to enter flight school training and become a pilot, however, he was surrounded by friends who persuaded him to remain with them as become tail gunner specialists.

Service Overseas

John Daniels arrived at his overseas assignment on September 10, 1944. For the next 6 months he served in the 15th Air Force, 304th Bomber Wing, 459th Bomber Group, 756th Bomber Squadron based at Giulia Field in Cerignola, Italy.

The 304th Bomber Wing was comprised of 454th, 455th, 456th, and 459th Bomber Groups. The 304th engaged primarily in strategic bombardment targeting oil refineries, munitions and aircraft factories, industrial areas, airfields, and communications centers. All groups flew B24 Liberators with tail markings that included a distinctive diamond on the top portion of the vertical stabilizer and a color or pattern on the bottom as seen in the illustration below.

In addition to the tail markings there were sharks teeth painted in the lower nose of the aircraft.

B 24 Crew

Daniels Back Row, Second From Left
Click on image to enlarge

Daniels B24 over Alps

Stars and Stripes Article

12/17/1944: Daniels Worried About 4 Motors - Odertal, Germany Mission

15th AAF In Italy: When two engines of a B-24 Liberator are shot out on a bombing mission, there is good reason for worrying about getting back to the home base, but when four go out, it usually means that it is too late for worrying. S/Sgt. John S Daniels, 20, a tail gunner from Windsor, Wis. did not have much time for anything when all of the engines of his B-24 Liberator cut out suddenly over the Adriatic on returning from a mission to the vital Nazi oil refineries at Odertal, Germany. The big bomber had dropped its bombs on the target and had reached the Adriatic on its return journey, "Meanwhile, I was listening to Xavier Cugat play "Take It Easy" and calmly doing likewise back in the tail," said Sgt. Daniels. "Suddenly I noticed that our engines had cut out and we were going down towards the water. Believe me, I wasted no time in getting out of the turret, grabbing my chute as I left. But before I put it on, we had already started to climb. As the engines caught on, the water looked so near, I though I could reach down and touch the waves. Getting a whiff of smoke on the command deck, I glanced out and noticed that No. 2 engine was trailing smoke with flames. The pilot quickly feathered that prop and lucky for us the fire went out soon afterwards and had only burned away one side of the engine nacelle." Finally, the bomber reached its base and landed only a few minutes late.

Daniels Completed Overseas Duty

March 11, 1945: John departed Italy for the United States. He was credited with 52 Missions while he served in the 15th Air Force. Official records indicate he participated in attacks in Rome - Arno, the North Apennines, Southern France and the Rhineland.

Decorations and Citations

AIR METAL with 2 Silver & 4 Bronze Clusters

Air Metal, Good Conduct Metal, EAME Metal

Ribbon's with Stars and Clusters

Note: The silver oak leaf cluster represents sixth, 11th, etc. entitlement
or in lieu of five bronze oak leaf clusters. The bronze star represents participation in
campaigns or operations, multiple qualifications, or an additional award to any of the
various ribbons on which it is authorized.

Official Web Page for 459th Bomber Group

John S. Daniels - 459th Bomber Group

John S. Daniels attended the University of Wisconsin - Madison and Palmer Chiropractic School in Davenport, Iowa after the war and practiced in Racine, Wisconsin until 1994.

Arline Partricia Daniels Dies

Died April 7, 1999 (73 years old) Arlene P. Daniels dies. Arlene was entombed in the mouseleum located in Graceland Cemetery in Racine, Wisconsin.

John Stuart Daniels Dies

July 19, 1997, dies at the home of his son in Kenosha, Wisconsin. John was entombed in the mouseleum located in Graceland Cemetery in Racine, Wisconsin.

NOTE: John and his wife, Arlene enjoyed a full and rewarding life raising six sons, however, additional details are not provided due to possibility of identity theft when posting such information on the internet. If you are a first cousin of mine on either my father's or mother's side feel free to contact me for additional details for your personal records.


Previous Generation - Nelson S. Daniels

Arlene Daniels Grandfather - John Powers


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