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Divided We Stand - Watertown, Massachusetts 1630-1680

Author: Roger Thompson

This volume provides a wealth of information describing conditions the early pilgrims (including Robert Daniell) faced prior to leaving East Anglia and after their arrival in Watertown, Massachusetts Bay Colony. When combined with the information contained in Sumner C. Powell’s Puritan Village – The Formation of a New England Town and A history of Suffolk by David Dymond and Peter Northeast you can piece together an excellent understanding of what life was like in England in the years prior to and in Massachusetts Bay Colony during and after the great migration.

Published by the University of Massachusetts Press, 2000.

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A History of Suffolk

Author: David Dymond & Peter Northeast

This book contains excellent background information about the land and culture of Suffolk, England from prehistoric times up until the time of its date of publication. While it does not contain any reference to Robert Daniell and/or his relatives it does provide an important perspective into the evolution of the land, towns and people of the area where he lived prior to his departure to Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Published by Phillimore & Co. LTD, Chichester, Sussex, England 1985.

Purchased at a used book store in Lavenham, England.

Puritan Village – The Formation of a New England Town

Author: Sumner C. Powell

Puritan Village the Pulitzer Prize winning book provides important details about several of the people Robert Daniell knew and interacted with. The author writes extensively about Brian Pendleton the man Robert purchased his land from shortly after his arrival to Watertown. Additional background information describing local customs and culture of the time add additional “color” to the circumstances and conditions experienced by Robert and his contemporaries in the early 17th century

Published by the Wesleyan University Press 1963.

Used book purchased at the Book Barn, Niantic, Connecticut.

Colonial Families of the United States of America - Volume II

Edited by George Norbury Mackenzie (1911)

This volume provides a genealogical table listing the Fairbanks family including the marriage of Joseph Daniels (Daniell - GENERATION II) to Mary Fairbanks. The section includes an example of the Fairbanks family crest.

Used book purchased at the Book Barn, Niantic, Connecticut.

Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England-Volume II D-J

By James Savage(Originally Published, Boston, 1860-1862)

This book represents an early cataloging of miscellaneous vital records and other recorded data in a alphabetical surname format. While incomplete, the information is a good starting point when researching the Daniels family. Several additional Daniels families outside the line I am researching are contained within this single volume. This book contains information on the Daniels, Fairbanks, French and Holbrook branches of my family history.

Used book purchased through a private party

GOD’s PLOT - Puritan Spirituality in Thomas Shepard’s Cambridge

Edited by – Michael McGiffert, 1994

This revised and expanded edition of McGiffert’s 1972 work provides a scholarly review of the life and times of Puritan life and in particular, Thomas Shepard and his followers. Wonderful details surrounding Robert Daniell, his friends and neighbors may be gleaned from the pages assembled by McGiffert. This is done in part by reproducing many of the actual confession transcripts as recorded by Rev. Shepard as they were given before the congregation. Robert Daniell’s confession of faith may be found on pages 165 and 166, in a the section titled The Confessions.

Note: The biography of Robert Daniell preceding the transcribed confession is defective in several ways.
1. There is no evidence that places Robert in the colony in 1631 as stated in the version used by McGiffert.
2. The birth record of Elizabeth, Robert and Elizabeth Daniell's daughter comes from Earls Colne and dates her birth in 1633.
3. Daughter Elizabeth's passage to the colony is documented and tied to the voyage of the Increase in 1635.
4. William Andrews’ biography (p. 189)in the same book clearly states that Reana was childless in their marriage and then claims in Robert Daniell's biography that she brought 5 step-children into her marriage with Robert Daniell.
Robert’s 5 children were his through is marriage to Elizabeth as stated in his will.
This, in my opinion, does not compromise the integrity of McGiffert’s book since the biographical material concerning the confessors was clearly the work of others and not the primary focus of his writings.

When contacted via email, author McGiffert explained that he relied on the biographical information researched by Thomas Shepard's Confessions authors, Selement and Woolley when preparing his section on Robert Daniell.

Published by the University of Massachusetts Press the book is out of print, however a used copy can usually be found using Amazon.Com’s used book locating service.

Thomas Shepard's Confessions

Edited by – George Selement & Bruce C. Woolley, 1981

This volume was published by the Colonial Society of Massachusetts and was the first to provide transcripts of the 51 confessions recorded by Thomas Shepard.

Note: Once again, as found in the McGiffert book, a defective biography precedes the transcribed confession, this time with references to the sources used. A careful review of all noted sources leaves this author confused as to why mistakes were made. None of the documents support the concept that Robert arrived in 1631, that he had only one child by Elizabeth, born in 1642 and then proceeded to become the step father of 5 of Reana Andrews widow of William. There are, however, some bits of information that accurately report information listed in the source material.

Published by the Colonial Society of Massachusetts, the book is out of print, however a used copy can usually be found using Amazon.Com’s used book locating service.

History of Cambridge Massachusetts: Supplement and Index

By Mary Isabella Gozzaldi, (1930)

An incredible resource, this book provides a necessary index to the book of the same title written by Reverend Lucius Paige. Rev. Paige served as a town Assessor, Town Clerk and as City Clerk in Cambridge over a 16 year period, 1839-1855 and had an excellent understanding of the historical records contained in the towns files. This 860 page volume provides bits of information in a form that’s easy to use in researching the people and places associated with Robert Daniell and family in early Cambridge.

My copy was purchased from a private collector.

History of Cambridge Massachusetts 1630-1877

By Lucius R. Paige, (1877)

The ultimate source for researching the history of Cambridge, Massachusetts my volume includes a genealogical register. Little is left to the imagination when researching the people and places revealed by Paige using official town records. I highly recommend you use this book along with the index written by Mary Isabella Gozzaldi which is described in the list above.

My copy, a modern reprint available through Heritage Books, Bowie, Maryland.

The Records of the Town and Selectmen of Cambridge 1630-1703

Printed by order of the City Council under the direction of the City Clerk, (1901)

The records of the town meetings and of the selectmen comprising all the first volume of records and being Volume II of the printed records of the town. This volume provides additional detail about Robert Daniell his friends and acquaintances.

Purchased from a private collector.

Proprietors' Records of the Town of Cambridge 1635-1829

Printed by order of the City Council under the direction of the City Clerk. Certified by Edward J. Brandon, City Clerk, (1896)

A transcript of the Registere Booke of the Land and Houses in the Newtowne 1635 through 1829. This book contains 406 pages depicting activities and transactions involving the land and houses in Cambridge, (Newtowne) Massachusetts from 1655 to 1829. There are many entries that involve Robert Daniel and associated family members.

Published by the University Press, John Wilson & Son, Cambridge, My copy is from the first printing and was purchased through a used book store in Massachusetts.

The Cambridge of Eighteen Hundred and Ninety-Six

Edited by Arthur Gilman A.M., (1896)

Written under the direction of a committee of the city government and citizens this volume contains a number of chapters that deal with the early history of Cambridge. A chapter describing the development of the cemetery in use at the time of Elizabeth and Robert Daniell’s deaths provides confirmation that many citizens that were buried there were interned without documentation and/or durable markers. It does confirm that many of Robert’s fellow church members including Thomas Shepard were also buried there as well.

My copy was purchased from a private individual.

Middlesex County, Massachusetts Probate Records 1649-1660

Compiled by Robert H. Rodgers (1999)

This recently published book contains the will and inventory of Robert Daniell, as well as several of the people he was associated with, (e.g. Reverend Thomas Shepard) during his life in Cambridge and Watertown. A “must have” volume for any Daniels descendent! 479 pages.

My copy was purchased through the New England Historic Genealogical Society

New England Historical & Genealogical Register -
Volumes Containing Entries about Robert Daniell of Watertown and Cambridge

Author - Various

The following is a listing of articles contained within the NEGHR that reference Robert Daniell. Many of the articles provide a foundation for further research, however, some contain information that over time has been proven to be incorrect.

Volume 4, Page 55 / Volume 5, Page 96 / Volume 7, Page 175 - 176 / Volume 19, Page 266 / Volume 28, Pages 89 - 90 & Pages 185 - 194 / Volume 30, Page 342 / Volume 34, Page 360 / Volume 36, Pages 457 - 458 / Volume 49, Pages 183 - 284 & 341 / Volume 55, Page 226 / Volume 82, Page 364 / Volume 88, Pages 383-386 / Volume 89, Page 154.

Volumes available to me via the Morristown, New Jersey Public Library.

Notes on a Franklin Branch of the Daniell, or Daniels Family

Author - George F. Daniels, 1897
This 62-page document is full of detail written in the late 1800s by a lineal descendant of Robert Daniell. Full of detail it provides an interesting peek into the past.

Reprints are available through the Higginson Book Company, Salem, Massachusetts.

One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families

Author - John Osborne Austin (1893)

Written over one hundred years ago, this book provides family tree information on the Daniels, Fairbanks, Holbrook, Taft and Kelly families through 5 generations. Migration from England slowed dramatically in the early 1640's and most of the population growth can be attributed to marriages between families in the local area. This publication includes birth, marriage and death information along with a descriptive paragraph covering some key members of each family mentioned above.

The current edition is published by the Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, Maryland and is available through major on-line book retailers.

Sketches of Many Early and Other Families in Medway, Mass

Author - Reverend E.O. Jameson (1886)

This wonderful volume written by the local minister provides detailed information on Daniels Families (up to 8 generations) who remained in the Medway/Medfield/Millis area up until the time of its writing. The work, however, does not continue beyond Captain Eleazer Daniels in my direct line, but is rich in detail that includes signatures, drawings and photographs detailing the lives of cousins that trace back to the original Pilgrim in our line, Robert Daniell.

Reprints are available through the Higginson Book Company, Salem, Massachusetts.

PROPRIETORS RECORDS - Mendon Massachusetts 1667-1816

Documents certified by Horace C. Adams, Mendon Town Clerk, June 1, 1899

This 1211 page compilation of records provides detailed information describing the acquisition and development of Mendon and subsequent divisions to the towns we see today, e.g. Blackstone. Many references to Eleazer Daniels and associated family members are recorded in the volume.

My copy was obtained through a private individual.

ANNALS OF MENDON 1659 - 1880

Compiled by John G. Metcalf, M. D., Published by the town of Mendon in 1880

The Annals of Mendon provides the researcher chronological recordings of events and records of early Mendon. I highly recommend this 723-page volume as an excellent "must have" resource for any Eleazer Daniels descendent. Numerous references to several generations of Daniels, Holbrook and other associated families fill the pages.

Note: Information provided within Annals of Mendon is not repeated in the PROPRIETORS RECORDS - Mendon Massachusetts 1667-1816.

Reprints are available through the Higginson Book Company, Salem, Massachusetts.

DEDHAM RECORDS, Volumes 1 & 2

Edited by Don Gleason Hill, Town Clerk (1886)

Dedham, Massachusetts vital records from 1635-1845 contains Birth, Marriages and Death data. The volume reports the birth of Mary Fairbanks wife of Joseph Daniels along with over a hundred additional Fairbanks family records. 286 pages.

My copy was purchased from a private collector.

A Glimpse in Passing - Newport New York 1791 - 1991

Published by Newport Historical Center, 371 pages.

I am fortunate that Herkimer County, New York has a very active group of historians and genealogists. One of the many projects they have undertaken was the publishing of this book. Paragraphs include details of Nahum Daniels arrival to and influence on the development of the area. The book also details the interesting lives of Nahum's brother-in-laws, George and William Cook.

My copy was obtained through the Newport Historical Center, Newport, New York.

Report of the Daniels Family Reunion Held at Orchard Park, NY

Published in 1916, 23 pages.

This pamphlet was published and distributed to all that attended the 17th annual Daniels Family reunion held in Orchard Park, New York. The report includes a family list along with some interesting descriptions of "famous" Daniels family ancestors.

Note: This document is not a completely accurate representation of the proven history we now know and should not be used for research papers. It does, however, provide a colorful understanding of what was believed to be true in the early 20th century.

My copy donated by Barb Ames of Minnesota

Book Sources

Several of the books I have collected are available in reprint form from Higginson Book Company. You many connect to their web site by clicking on the following link.

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