The Will of Thomas Morse - Foxearth, England 1596

The Will of Thomas Morse
Foxearth, England - 1596

In the name of God Amen. I Thomas Morse, Minister of God his word in the Countie of Essex and in the Dyocess of London, do make and ordeyne this my Last [sic] and Testament in manner and form followinge, first althoughe weake in Bodye yet in good and perfect Remembrance thancks be unto God Doe bequeathe my soule to almighty God, and my Bodye unto the earthe from whence it was taken. Item, I give and bequeathe to my nyne children now lyvinge, nyne score Poundes of good and lawful money of Englande, that is to saie, To John, Samuel, Daniell, Joseph, Jeremye, James, Nathaniell and Phillipp my sonnes, and to Sara my daughter, and to every of them Twentye Pounds att the age of Three and twentye yeares, Savinge my mynde is that my daughter Sara shall receive her porcon of Twenty poundes at the age of One and Twentye yeares. And yf any of them doe departe this life before theis yeares of age be expired, Then I will that his or her parte of partes be equally devyded among my children weh shall be then livinge. I give and bequeathe unto Richard Morse my brother, Fortie shillings of lawfull money. Item I give more unto Margarett Morse my sister, Twentye shillings. Item, I give unto my eight youngest children Eight Bybles, every of them a Byble to be provyded at the cost ad charges of my eldest sonne, uppon weh Condicon I give hum all my Bookes in my Studdye. Item, I give and bequeathe unto the poore of the parishe of Foxenate [Foxearth] Tenne shillings. The rest of my goods, money, plate, Bonds, morgages, cattle, household stuffe, or whatsoever else unbequeathed, my Legacyes discharged, I give unto Margaret my wife, with condicon to bringe upp my children in Learnynge with all things fitt for them until she shall place them in some honest service, whome I make my sole Executrixe for the performance of this my last will and Testament. Also I will that yf Margarett my saide wife doe dispose herselfe to marrye, that then she and he whome she shall marrye with enter into sufficient Bondes unto myh eldest sonne then livinge before her marriage for the discharge of all these things which concerne here to be discharged in this my will. Also, yf yt please, God she doth marrye that she doe enter into sufficient Bondes to give unto my eight sonns before rehearsed Thirty and fyve poundes equallye to be devyded amounge them and unto my daughter Sara tenne poundes weh is all Five and Forty poundes, To be paide weh in one year after the marriage of the saide Margaret or att the severall yeares of their ages before menconed. And yf she shall refuse to enter into sufficient bonds for the discharge of theis Legacies before expressed or any parte of them, I then will that my eldest sonne then livinge shalbe Executour in her place, and she to resigne all over to hym. And he to enter into sufficient bonds to paye unto Margarett my Wiefe wth in one yeare after the takinge of this Oggice, Fourescore pounds of good and lawfull money of Englande, besides she shall enioye all my house hold stuffe and cattell, Onlie my will is that she shall deliver in all my Bonds, morgages and money. And if any be consumed, she for to make it good. And that my sonne shall enter into sufficient Bondes for the discharginge of my will as ys before required of my Wiefe. And yf Margarett my Wife doe departe this liefe unmarryed, that then my desire and will is that she geve unto my Foure Children which I had by my first wiye Twentye poundes of good and lawfull money, that is eche of them Fyve poundes. And this is my ture mynde and will the which I doe testefye by my hande and seale this Tenth of November, and in the yeare of our Lorde 1596.

THOMAS MORSE, his mark.

In witness whereof we have setto or names,


This will was probated at RICHARD BLOCK,

London April 28, 1597


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