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English researcher, Thomas R. Daniel, has produced evidence that suggests that Robert Daniell was born in the Suffolk, (East Anglia), area in England. We know that Robert's wife and family are from there and the majority of the Watertown population came from East Anglia at the time of Robert's arrival.

This is in contrast with web sites that claim an immediate connection between the Daniels of Tabley, Cheshire, England and Robert Daniell of Massachusetts Bay Colony.

New findings point to a connection between Robert Daniell and Hugh Daniell of Stoke by Clare, Suffolk. If proven, the trail eventually leads back to the Daniel's of Tabley, however, it's through their cousins in Daresbury and therefore is not a direct link between Robert Daniell and the Daniel's of Tabley.

T.R. Daniel continues to search for documents that will link Robert to a known Daniell family in England. Like searching for a needle in a haystack, there's no guarantee that he will find the proof we seek; however, the trip back in time will certainly yield something.

Thomas R. Daniel periodically posts his findings on his web site under the subheading, American Emigrants

Genealogist Steven Lawson has spent many years researching his family ancestry and the Daniels are fortunate that our bloodlines mingle in the 16th and 17th centuries. His extensive research provides excellent foundational detail from Nahum Daniels, b. 1768, back as far as trusted documentation can be found. Steven's web site includes a warning that some information concerning Robert Daniell may not be correct. It is for this reason that I decided to do the necessary research to either prove the facts or shed light on the discrepancies by using official records, maps and trusted publications. Items published in my generational data above have been reviewed against official records and trusted publications. I am now in the process of expanding the amount of detail to fully reflect the records available. Double click on Mr. Lawson’s work Daniels – Morse to view.
The location of Robert Daniell's first homestead in Massachusetts Bay Colony can be found in the area above the crescent shaped island in the Charles River using the Map of Watertown compiled by Henry Bond, M.D.
The Winthrop Society has extensive information covering many aspects of the settlement at Massachusetts Bay Colony. The Society publishes important facts regarding the ships and their passengers, including many that are mentioned in the text above. A visit to the site will be a rewarding experience. The following ship list section is a good place start in your journey through Colonial history

Joseph Daniell's marriage to Mary Fairbanks is one of the many family facts that can found in this Millis, Massachusetts Time Line.

Note: The area where the Daniell's homestead is located, was originally called Medfield, which then became Medway (1713) and then became Millis (1885)

Mary Fairbanks Daniell's grandfather, Jonathan Fairbanks home is now a museum located in Dedham, Massachusetts. You may visit their web site by clicking on the The Fairbanks House (http://www.fairbankshouse.org) link.

The following WEB page contains scans of pages from a book detailing Mendon, Massachusetts’s history from 1667-1816 including references to Captain Eleazer Daniels and associated family members.

Mendon, Massachusetts - Proprietors Record

Major Joseph Daniels died June 2,1779 at the age of 55. The last record of public service was noted on March 15, 1779 when the Mendon agreed to pay 6 pounds to him, Captain Warren and Mr. James Blake as Overseers of the Poor.

Major Joseph Daniels Will

Nahum Daniels was an early settler in Herkimer County, New York. An interesting article written about Nahum and other early settlers in a town now named Poland, New York may be viewed by clicking on the following link.

The History of Poland, New York
Nahum Daniels brother, Eleazer, moved from Mendon, Massachusetts and joined him in Herkimer County, New York around 1800. The following page gives a detailed description of Eleazer's service in the Revolutionary War and other related documents. These documents are the only official link between Nahum Daniels and his brother Eleazer of Mendon since all other records tying the two together have been lost or destroyed.

Revolutionary War Pension Records - Eleazer Daniels
Nahum Daniels father-in-law, Dr. Samuel Cooke, was serving as Regimental Surgeon for the 5th New York (commanded by Col. Lewis Dubois) at Fort Montgomery, New York when it was attacked by Sir Henry Clinton and his men, October 6, 1777. The following web site provides information on the battle Dr. Cooke survived.

The Battle at Fort Montgomery
Nahum Daniels wife, Ann Cooke Daniels two brothers, William H. Cook and George W. Cook are the subjects of the following article.

Herkimer County History:

George C. Daniels built the first home in Saukville Wisconsin

George C. Daniels: Navigate to General Info-History


Jasper S. Daniels became a Marshal in Duluth, Minnesota in 1880

Marshal Jasper S. Daniels:

Family records report that a lake in the Minnesota Boundary waters was named after or by Jasper Daniels. The following web site contains a map showing the location of Daniels Lake as well as two adjacent lakes that could be tied to Jasper. They are Baker Lake and Rose Lake. Baker was the maiden name of his mother, Maria Baker Daniels and Rose is the last name of his daughter-in-law, Olga Rose Daniels, who was to become my grandmother.


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